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Our Accu-Rizer AR flattop scope mount is machined from Aluminum bar stock and hard-anodized to withstand years of service on your tactical AR type rifle.

  • Quick Detach Triangle Screw for Easy Attachment/Detachment in the Field
  • Spring Loaded Steel Locking Plate Ensure Repeatable Accuracy
  • Eight Oversize Hardened Torx Screws Securely Support the Scope Tube
  • Precisely Bored 1" Rings
  • Optional Picatinny Rail Cap for Flashlight Mounting (#TR-ARMOUNT-PR)
  • 8 oz.
  • 4.870" Length
  • 2.545" High

The triangle quick detach screw and spring loaded, steel locking plate allow the Accu-Rizer to be easily removed in the field by hand with a minimal loss of zero. Large, precisely bored 1" rings and eight, oversize hardened Torx screws ensure repeatable accuracy and securely support and protect your scope tube. All these features add up to an extremely versatile mount, crafted with Wilson's legendary attention to detail and designed to work well with most popular tactical telescopic sights.

The center of the mounting rings on the Accu-Rizer is 1.75" above the top of the receiver rail.

NOTE: Not recommended for use with riflescopes weighing over  22oz on .308 or heavier recoiling calibers 

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Love it but.....
I wish Wilson would make a low height/low weight version of this mount. Its rock solid and the workmanship is world class.
Got to have ! got to get ! NOW
Accu-Rizer ,Got it for my Custom 308 win tactical ,its a hard shooting rifle and the Accu-Rizer has held up just perfect to over 300 rounds and counting ,along with the abuse of being on a hunting rifle being dragged though the woods on 4 wheelers and up and down deer stands .I have no problem suggesting this mount to any and all that I come across , matter of fact , I just bought another one for my son in laws new 308 DPMS so he will keep hands off mine : good shooting and hunting to you all ..
Solid mount
I added a Leupold Mark AR Scope to my new custom hand built Billet Wilson 300 BLK rifle. This mount seemed to be the perfect fit and it was. Love the rifle, love this mount. Super easy to mount. Shooting sub MOA, instantly.
Lives Up to Its Billing
This is yet another Wilson product that lives up to its billing. It is excellently made with quality non-relective finishing, and its riser height is perfect for me looking through a scope from an AR platform. I used the product to mount a Nikon P223 3x9 on a Smith M&P 15. Once zeroed, I dismounted and remounted the scope ten times, and it returned to zero spot-on every time. But remember to torque down the ring screws per WC recommendation 25 in lbs. Well done, Wilson. Again.
Worlds Finest Picatinny-Style Mount!
The very nature of the Accu-Rizer is one of brilliant simplicity. The machining is beautiful and precise, it is strong and anvil-solid, is easy and fast to install, remove and re-install, and it holds your zero with the passion of a mother with her newborn. If it can meet my demanding requirements, which it did with flying colors, it is sure to please you equally well. This is the best mount of its type I have ever encountered and the price is an absolute bargain.
5 only because there is no 6
This scope mount is the best Quick Detach unit I have ever seen, the springs and alignment of the side clamp system are impeccable for accuracy on repeated mount/dismount operations. Only con was that this came in a box with a 30mm sticker on it, and I had ordered one inch tube mounts .. a quick trip to the starrett ruler drawer calmed me down though. Solid clamp and repeatability, plus it is truly bombproof. Wilson Combat wins again, period.
Best remounting option
I dismount my scope after every shoot, place it in the case with my rifle separate. I have remounted my scope 17 times with 100% rezero! I never liked the lever tension system on QD mounts, this is the best thing available!
Exudes Quality and Precision
I loved it. Well made, no sharp or rough edges, light, pleasing appearance, and rock solid. So precisely made that the bolts wont fit into the recesses in the ring caps if the cap isnt fairly level. Besides the integral rings and riser, the star wheel quick detach system surpasses the offset cam method. I have a cam quick detach riser rail that is excellent but over time the cam needs tightening... which isnt easy to do in the field. Wilson Combat made this issue irrelevant and is easier to remove. And the cost of a good quick detach riser rail plus quality rings far surpasses the price of the Accu-Riser. A great value... well worth the wait! I will highly recommend this to my friends. Now if Wilson Combat would make *all* their wonderful gun photos available as Windows Wall Paper I would be even happier.
Accu-Rizer 1 inch mount
Rock solid performance. Quality construction. Imperceptible zero shift after removing and re-installing mount to rifle.

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