SAFETY, JUMBO HEAD, 870/1100/1187, BLUE

SAFETY, JUMBO HEAD, 870/1100/1187, BLUE
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Detailed Description

The Jumbo head safety allows you to rapidly and positively snap the safety off as you mount the weapon for a quick shot.

  • Easy Installation
  • Blue Finish

Fits The Following Remington Shotguns:

  • Model 870
  • Model 1100
  • Model 1187

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Great inexpensive mod
Install was super easy. The oversize button makes a bigger difference than I expected. As soon as you put your finger near the trigger guard you can easily feel if the safety is on. That is of course if you use your right hand to pull the trigger. The red paint is bright and makes it easy to see if the safety is off.
Easy upgrade to the 870
MY 879 is old enough that it pre-dates the 'ball bearing', it (the 'ball bearing') is mated to the spring like a plunger with a stem that fits inside the spring. Installation was simple and straight forward and the video was a nice touch.
Large Head Safety is outstanding
Install took just minutes. Painted mine by spinning in drill press and using a pointed hobby brush. This is a great piece for any 870, easy to find and smooth to operate. A word of caution. Be careful using shrink tubing to add color to your button. I know for a fact one very popular cleaner will turn shrink tubing to goo in a few days.
Robust, reliable quality
This safety was perfect for a full week of training at Gunsite. It held up perfectly, was easy to install, and worked as it should. Countless manipulative drills were performed, and this safety never failed. I will be installing this safety on several more 870s.
Easy to install, easier to use!
Installation is common sense, but it does come with instructions...after install its dramatically easier to go hot with gloves or cold fingers. Quick and easy upgrade that provides the icing on the cake. Just a note -- it did rub slightly with my mesa tactical urbino, but working it back and forth a few times freed it up.
Great Safety.
I am very happy with this safety. I settled on this one after a lot of research and comparison. I feel it is the best compromise between size and usefulness. It is big enough to allow you to positively engage it, but not so big that it gets in the way when you index your finger along the trigger guard. I did the Heat Shrink mod and added a band of small red heat shrink to help easily identify when the safety is off. I wish the safety came with it already, but that is a very minor complaint. Installation was very easy. Just take care not to loose the safety spring and detent ball. This safety will be a quality addition to your 870 and a better option then other big dome safeties on the market. You wont be displeased with this one.
Great Part, Great Price
Well made. Easy to install. Easy to use. The only thing missing out of the box was a red stripe to indicate safety off. The machined groove is there, so all I had to do was use a toothpick to fill it with red enamel paint.
Jumbo Head Safety red warning ring
This large head safety is a most on the Remington shotgun because it works,and works well. By cutting a small ring from red electric shrink tube,I was able to give mine a red warning ring like the Remington original.
Great product!
This is an essential addition to any combat 870. Thanks WC!
Nice Improvement
I ordered this for a duty shotgun I carry while serving as an LEO. It works great in conjunction with the Knoxx Specops stock I have on my gun. Really helps to find the safety with gloved hands.
How a safety should feel
Easy drop in and more importantly easy to find and operate. I have used 870s since I was 10 years old, hunting quail with my father and grandfather and this safety is a welcome addition, I will be adding it to my other 870s and I have recommended it to friends and relatives in law enforcement.
Easy to install and a great improvement over the factory safety.
Got this part on my gun in NO time flat. Indexes much quicker and easier than the OEM part which simplifies the act of defeating of the safety. I love it.
I did it myself!! Thanks for the instruction video
I installed the Jumbo head safety myself. The only hard part was getting the spring pressed down and sliding the pin in at the same time. I used a vise to hold the trigger assembly so I could use both hands, I highly suggest you do too. I did lose the spring a couple time trying to set the pin over the spring. I also suggest you wear safety glasses, that little spring can put an eye out if your not carefull. Anyway, It was not too difficult to install, I did it, you can too.
If I can install this in 10 minutes, anyone can. Excellent product. I am very pleased.
Great improvement
This product is a must for any 870. It is a snap to install, and really improves on an otherwise neglected issue of the classic 870.
Great part at a great price!
This is a huge improvement for tactical and hunting shotguns and was super easy to install.