Rafter-L Combat Leather BBQ, Full-Size, Right Hand, Tan Leather, Holster & Mag Pouch

Rafter-L Combat Leather BBQ, Full-Size, Right Hand, Tan Leather, Holster & Mag Pouch
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Detailed Description

The BBQ Special Holster/Magazine Pouch Set from Erik Little

A new project between the staff of Wilson Combat and select, high quality custom holster makers, the Custom Alliance Holster project will include unique designs of the highest quality exclusively for Wilson Combat customers.  These short runs of holsters and accessories will be produced by some of the best craftsmen and be very limited in nature with the added benefit of immediate delivery

This impeccably hand-crafted holster from Erik Little at Rafter-L custom holsters is a favorite of many expert shooters and fans of fine custom leather as a casual range or carry holster with maximum comfort and speed in mind. 

The full grip accessibility allows for an instant and consistent firing grip. The boned front sight channel prevents snags during the draw. The vertical orientation and open top allows the fastest wrist locked draw. Weapon retention is achieved by hand molding and boning for an exact pistol fit.  The finest quality hand selected, premium grade US steer hides are used in this holster’s construction.

The traditional saddle tan color is a natural with your favorite pair of jeans and your favorite, fancy “BBQ Gun”-so around here we call this model the “BBQ Special”. It is an elegant and ideal holster for a trip to the range, knocking around the ranch or a quick visit to town when you want to show your friends your latest fine 1911.   A matching magazine pouch is included.

Erik Little has been making superior quality custom holsters under the Rafter-L name for a decade. To learn more about him and his full line of holsters visit his website at www.combatgunleather.com.