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Wilson Combat Bullet Proof ®Flat Wire Shok Buff Kit for Beretta 92/96 Handguns

Designed by Wilson Combat to be the last recoil spring assembly you ever buy for your Beretta 90/92/96 Series handguns.

The Bullet Proof® Beretta Flat Wire Shok Buff Kit for Beretta 90 series handguns contains a fluted steel guide rod specially sized for a specially engineered chrome silicon flatwire recoil spring that will reduce muzzle flip and never require replacement.  This long-lasting spring will also virtually eliminate frame or locking block damage in high round count guns.

Works on any 90/92/96 series handgun including guns with captive recoil spring assemblies (92A1, 96A1) in 9mm or .40 caliber.

Kit includes:

  • Full-Length, Fluted, Flat Wire Guide Rod
  • Shok-Buff®
  • 14# Flat Wire Recoil Spring

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No compromise ... Use Wilson Combat with confidence
There is no compromise with Wilson Combat ... take the best .The service staff is very knowledgeable .. they are very helpful . You go for the best, for sure ... I will buy again , as a new customer
I ordered my spring and guide rod for my m9a3 on a Friday, it showed up the following Monday, 2 DAYS TO SHIP IS INSANE. Kudos to the staff at WC for the incredibly fast delivery. Now the product itself took no more than 10 seconds from opening the package to replacing the spring and rod. Good qc in the pieces both spring and rod came entirely unblemished and well machined. Will be buying another for a friend.
Wilson flatwire recoil kit for M9A3
Flat wire buffer springs are great in AR platforms; and also operate nicely in Beretta M9A3.
Best guide rod for 92a1
Just bought a 92a1 before shooting it for the 1st time replaced it with this guide rod. Shot 200 rounds of NATO 124gn then 100 rounds of 147gn then 200 rounds 115gn. All I can say is awesome, all 500 rounds flawless not 1 problem. A must for all 92a1s not sure about other models.
Flat wire recoil spring kit
Bought this to remove the oem plastic guide rod and the piano wire recoil spring, fluted guide rod looks great this kit has it all, Ive never tride the shok buff before So I cant comment on its performance. Overall one of the easiest upgrades you can do for your beretta.
A Must Have!!!
The fit and finish is exactly what you would expect from Wilson!! First thing I noticed when I installed this in my 92G was how much smoother the slide was, buttery smooth!! I now have 2,000 rounds since installing the new rod, spring and buffer and it has functioned perfect, it has digested everything Ive run through it from 147gr defensive ammo right down to 90gr hand loads. If you own a 92 you should have one of these kits!!!
Works fine in the 92A1
Though Beretta discourages use of steel guide rods in the 92A1 because It wasnt designed for that configuration and that configuration was not tested, I found that it worked just fine. I didnt notice much difference with the rod and spring, but I did notice that the shock buffer added a slight hesitation to slide closure when the safety is on with either guide rod. I didnt notice anything when shooting, but I am not a speed shooter. The fluted rod looks nice.