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Detailed Description

Recommended Use:  Full-Size 5" .45 ACP shooting 230 gr. hardball equivalent or standard pressure JHP self-defense ammunition with a power factor of 175,000 to 195,000 (Velocity x Bullet Weight = Power Factor)

Average Service Life: 40,000 Rounds

The longest lasting handgun recoil spring made - our testing has indicated that these springs have a service life up to ten times greater than conventional coil springs.

Improves Cycling and Overall Operation

  • Improved Recoil Spring Life
  • Recoil Spring Guide Machined from Barstock
  • .250" Rod Diameter
  • 17# Flat-Wire Recoil Spring
  • Compatible with Standard Recoil Spring Plug
  • Compatible with Shok-Buff® Recoil Buffers


Package Includes: Recoil Spring Guide, 17# Flat-Wire Recoil Spring, Shok-Buff

More questions about selecting the right recoil spring? Click here.

Cautions and Installation Test Procedure

1) Is the flat wire spring compatible with a full length guide rod?
Yes-Only with the full length flat wire guide rod (#25GRFW). The inner diameter of the flat wire spring is smaller than a conventional round wire spring requiring a flat wire specific guide rod.

2) Is a Shok Buff required?
A Shok-Buff is included but optional on the 5” flatwire guide rod.  It is not recommended for use on the 4” kit since it can reduce slide travel.

3) Can I shoot +P ammunition with this kit?
Yes-since flat wire springs don’t lose their length over time like round wire springs they cushion your frame more effectively over time.  Flat wire springs also compress in a more linear fashion which makes them more tolerant of a wider variety of loads and grips.

HOW TO TEST TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT RECOIL SPRING WEIGHT FOR YOUR AMMUNITION:  Go to the range with your pistol and a magazine that will positively lock your slide to the rear when you slowly retract the slide with the pistol empty. Load one round of the desired ammunition in the proven magazine, load the pistol and fire the single shot holding the pistol in your strong hand, but grip the pistol fairly loose. If the pistol consistently (5 to 10 shots is adequate) locks the slide to the rear, the recoil spring is not too heavy for your ammunition. A recoil spring that is 1-2# below the weight where you begin to have failures to lock open is ideal for your ammunition.

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The first upgrade you should make.
Ordered this product for my RIA FS Tactical to replace the 20# stock spring and for the Shok-buff. After changing it out I immediately noticed the difference. It cycles much smoother, and noticed a slight drop in recoil. In my opinion, the best thing you can do for your 1911.
Amazing Life of Flat Recoil Spring - RIA M1911-A1 5in
Originally purchased (2014) the compact flat wire kit (22lb) for a RIA M1911-A1 3.5in. Working perfectly all these years. Purchased (8/2020) this new 17lb kit for a RIA M1911-A1 5in, also (what I say) running like a 💋hooker at a 🙏🏼baptist revival. Expect years of constant quality, highly recommended. 🇺🇲Stay well. Go in peace.
Next Level!
This kit was definitely worth the $20. The Flat-wire recoil kit took my Taurus 1911 to the next level. You can feel the difference when you rack the slide: it’s smoother, faster, and firmer. The recoil buffer works like a charm as well.
Best upgrade to date!
You immediately feel the difference in racking the slide and The recoil very happy!
Flatwire Spring guide rod
Love this guide rod. Has a small shoulder at the base for the shok buff to snap on to to hold it in place. Little things like that make a huge difference. Nice to know that the dedicated people at WC really study hard to r and d the best parts in the business!
Best 20$ ever spent
If you are thinking about this at all BUY BUY BUY, this thing is the real deal.
Best upgrade ever
I recently purchased a pair of previously owned Kimbers, a Pro Carry II and a Custom II. Not knowing the round count, I always replace recoil springs, so replacing them with a spring that doesnt have to be replaced once every couple months was a big plus. The Pro Carry is wonderful to shoot with the Flat wire recoil system, smooth and comfortable. The Custom II got its Flat wire setup installed tonight with a WC Flat trigger. What a winning combination, it will see some range time this weekend, and as with anything from WC, I expect it will be perfect. Thanks Wilson Combat!
Ruger SR1911
I installed this flat wire spring and buffer in my SR1911 and it works great. From standard 230 FMJ to high power HP it felt smooth with less felt recoil with the buffer than the stock spring. Simple to install and a great value.
Love it!
The use of the flat wire recoil spring is a move forward. The rating is miss-leading as recoil springs are normally calibrated at near full compression. The flat wire recoil spring being sold for the 1911 are actually made for the Glock 17, an sold for full size GM, etc. Nothing really wrong with that, but the 17# flat wire recoil spring actually reads 14# @ 1.625, and 7# @ 3.6875. A good rate for a wide range of ammo. What is specific to the 1911 is the availability of a usable .250 guide rod, and plugs for the flat wire recoil spring.
1911 Flat Wire Recoil Spring Kit govt Rem 1911
Fast delivery and good upgrade for your 1911. Took me about 2 min to put it on, feels great, havent test it yet. Only neg is the shipping cost, wow!
remington R1 upgrade
installed this in my Remington R1 with shok buff. Racks easier, notably less recoil, back on target faster, great upgrade all the way around
Great Kit!
I installed this kit in my Colt Rail Gun, and it made a noticeable difference in recoil, as well as delivering a much smoother feel when cycling the action. I wish they would make this kit in different spring weights! Keep up the great work!
Plug in and shoot
dropped this set up in my Armscor/Rock Island and noticed the difference right away well worth the $$$ try it youll like it
It works.
After seeing flatwire springs on most modern pistols, I decided to see if it works for a 1911. I am running it in a S&W 1911 and shot some +P. It worked very well at moderating slide velocity and I feel it is worth the money to try it yourself. Wilson gets 5 stars for making one for the 1911.
good and easy
The name Wilson Combat is a name you can trust. So easy to install, take the old spring out put the new spring in - done in 1 min. and it works great.
Dont hesitate
Thanks for doing the research to fix a problem with all 4 1911s! My pro carry II hasnt functioned properly since the date of purchase. Glad Wilson stepped up to the plate with R&D to fix the mistake of others.
Flatwire recoil spring
Do yourself a favor....get one! With the shockproof buffer, you wont believe how well the sound and feel of your slide is! Great upgrade to my 1911! Wilson Combat products rock!
This is the best upgrade spring, way better then expected. My elcheepo llmama went from I don feel like shooting to lets shoot, lets shoot, know more more shoot screw the other guns I want to shoot. Best way I could explain it.
Dropped right in
Dropped right in, like a dream to my full size Colt, Thanks WC.
Excellent Upgrade
Replaced my stock, full length guide rod and spring with this kit. Noticeable difference in recoil.
As good as advertised...
The first real mod I made to my new SR1911 after the WC ETM magazines was the 17# flat wire recoil spring kit. Made an already great pistol fantastic. Not easy to describe the difference except it just feels better. Get some...
Remington R1 upgrade
Best recoil spring replacement ever, very smooth, better accuracy, faster back in target. Wilson combat has not let me down on anything.
Dont bother with the stock spring.
This spring is the perfect addition to any 1911 pistol. My SR1911 works like a much more expensive weapon with Wilson combat parts. Drops in without modification.
Simple upgrade
Upgraded my MkIV Series 70 and it was a simple drop in replacement as advertised. Great product!
Doing a full wc upfit of my ria 1911 fs tactical and started with this and oh my God! Even,without firing it yet.... The weapon cycles amazingly and its so much better than the stock 20 lb. Spring its incredible.
Wilson Quality rules!
Vitrually a drop-in. Installed easily and functions perfectly. Kit came with a shock buffer, thanks for another great product. Highly recommended. My 1911A1 is a Tisas GI clone and had a very heavy recoil spring at 22#. Replaced it with the flat wire 17# and it is PERFECT!
Simply the best there is!
I recently picked up a used Springfield loaded stainless and wanted to replace the factory two piece rod. I shopped around before deciding on this kit and a bullet proof plug. The material, fit and finish of my Wilson Combat parts are frankly the finest Ive seen. The function and feel are more than I expected. If youre on the fence about what parts to buy for your gun, get Wilson Combat!
Best Investment to Date
Just installed the flat-wire recoil spring kit full size on my rock island armory m1911 45. i was blow away by the construction of this. Wilson Combat is the only place Ill go for parts for my M1911 45
Best Upgrade
Installed the flat spring kit on my military surplus 1911A1. The improvement was notable at the first shot, slightly reduced recoil, less muzzle climb, and a faster cycle. Subtle differences that result in better performance.
Great Product!
Installed on Remington R1 and recoil was much less than standard spring.Slide feels really smooth and enchanced the pistols perormance. Worth the money
Easy Install - Top Quality - Great Value
Dropped right in to my FS CQB with no problems - everything is included in the kit. Great value.
Great Spring For cheap 1911
Bought a cheap 1911 had several problems with pistol replaced all springs with Wilson springs NO MORE PROBLEMS flat spring is the way to go!
Love it!!!
Recently purchased this for my X-TAC and I love it. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
Dropped in perfectly
The recoil spring dropped right in to my Sig and I immediately noticed a difference...Great product thanks Wilson!!!
Feels Great!!
Got this today, dropped it in and went and ran my old Colt and noticed a nice improvement!! Better cycle feel and reduced recoil!! More parts just ordered!! Thanks Wilson!!
another great addition
You would`nt think a recoil spring and guide would make such a difference, but it was noticable and an instant improvement. Flat wire only way to go.
Improve your TRP
Bought the Flat-wire Recoil Spring kit to replace the 2-piece guide rod in my Springfield TRP. Easy installation and perfect fit. Makes disassembly easier and I can depend on Wilson reliability!
Awesome Upgrade
Upgraded my RIA 1911 guide rod and spring from the original stock to the Wilson Combat flat wire spring and guide rod it cycled really well right out of the box with NO break-in at all....well worth upgrade and HIGHLY recommended
Replaced a full size guide rod and spring with the flat spring, standard gd. rod to fit the flat spring and a new blue, checkered plug. Was prepared for some hiccups but have run 400 rounds through my Kimber TLE II and not a single hiccup.
Another first class 1911 accessory
Just got this in and installed it in my CQB. Pumped 300 rounds down range. Great addition to my favorite pistol.
Remarkable spring!
Really smooths out the action and feel of my gold cup! Fast shipping too!
Easy drop in spring
Went to the flat wire spring in my Rock Island Armory full size. Easy change out and even came with a shok buff recoil buffer on the new guide rod already!
Nice part for Colt Railgun!
I installed this into a 99th year Colt Railgun Govt. I have shot Win White box, ASYM Match and ball, Federal HSP +P/non P LE Surplus HPs, Speer Gold dot HPs without issues. Breaking this into paragraphs, I also shoot in .45 Super Buffalo Bore @1200 fps and have to change to a Wolff 22 Pound Spring with a Wilson Guide Rod before doing this. I would very much love to see a Flat-wire 22 pounder. PLEASE!!! Also would like 18.5 pounds on up so I can better tune the weapon. 17 is very good but a little bit light with the HST rounds which is foundation of my concealed carry. I have used and will continue to use Wilson, they have proven very well in my Colt. And yes, I try to keep it a Colt.. he he
Face Lift for an 80s vintage Colt Govt. series 70
Went to the 17# flat wound recoil spring with shock buffer and .250 guide rod. Also added the bushing compensator and had to shorten the recoil plug to 1.2 with a grinding wheel on my dremel tool. This totally transformed this vintage firearm ~ smoothed out the action and I believe I have about a 50% reduction in recoil. It is not an issue, but I thought I would be able to rotate the bushing compensator and release the recoil spring. This is not the case and you have to remove the compensator to release the recoil spring. Outstanding products in quality and fit ~ added the starburt cocobolo grips and it looks awesome and made me think I was shooting a brand new 45 ~ to Wilson Combat, Please consider yourself appreciated. Lance Hausman
This is without a doubt the best improvement made for the 1911 ever. JUST AWESOME !!!!
Best Spring On The Market
This spring is a vast improvement on traditional springs. Its easier to put back in after breakdown, but loses no strength during firing. The guide rod is thinner and shorter than a standard guide rod. Shok-Buff fits after a little persuasion. Only time will tell as to lifespan, but I anticipate it being quite a few rounds.
Great Spring
Great recoil spring. Just dropped into my Ed Brown without any modifications. Glad I wont have to replace for another year!! You have to use the spring guide that comes with it. Not sure if that is a minus though, seems heaftier than my factory supplied original!!!
Frigging great product !!!
Wouldnt expect anything less !!!!!!
Perfect high-quality drop-in for my CQB with lightning fast shipping to boot! Cant go wrong with Wilson Combat.
Perfect setup
I got this a couple months ago to try out, Its nice to drop it in and forget about it. Instead of worring about how many rounds are down range on the standard spring Ill just change this one out once a year. That should save me about 6 standard springs a year. I hope they offer a drop in setup for my Professional soon.
Recoil Spring Replacement - No Brainer
This is absolutely the best recoil spring I have ever used. I have an Ed Brown Special Forces, and the Flat-Wire Recoil Spring Kit fits as if it was made specifically for my gun.
Cool new item
I did the math on this part and as much as I shoot it will start saving me money in about 6 months. Neat item. High quality machined rod also. Cant wait for a compact version and maybe one for other calibers.

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