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Recommended Use: Compact / Professional Size 4" .45 ACP shooting +P JHP self-defense ammunition with a power factor of 180,000 to 200,000 (Velocity x Bullet Weight = Power Factor)

Average Service Life: 40,000 Rounds

NOTE: This is the standard recoil spring we install in our compact .45 ACP pistols.

This Wilson Combat innovation solves the issue of recoil spring fatigue in compact 1911 handguns and will greatly enhance overall compact pistol reliability.

Compact size 1911’s are noted for being extra hard on recoil springs and as your stock recoil spring takes a set and tension is reduced, the magazine spring will struggle to keep up or a last round feed malfunction can occur.

The new Wilson Combat Bullet Proof
® Compact Spring Kit includes a hardened stainless steel full-length recoil guide rod, hardened stainless steel reverse spring plug and a chrome silicon 22 pound flat wire spring that will last many times longer than conventional compact recoil springs. The flat wire spring has a longer free length with more coils and resists tension loss much better than conventional round wire springs. The guide rod head is clearanced for compact barrel lugs and link.  

The Bullet Proof
® Compact Spring Kit has been extensively endurance tested and is a drop in-part with no fitting required. The .250” diameter rod can be re-installed at home or in the field easily without tools or using a takedown pin or bent paperclip.

  • Improves Cycling and Overall Operation
  • Improved Recoil Spring Life
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Full-Length Guide Rod Machined from Barstock
  • .250" Rod Diameter
  • Guide Rod Head is Clearanced for Compact Barrel Lugs and Link
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Reverse Spring Plug
  • 22# Chrome Silicon Flat-Wire Recoil Spring
  • Longer Free Length with More Coils
  • Resists Tension Loss Much Better than Conventional Round Wire Springs


Compatible with the following handguns:

  • Wilson Combat 4" Compact (.45 ACP) - Tactical Supergrade Compact, Ultralight Carry Compact, CQB Compact, CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Compact, Bill Wilson Carry Pistol, KZ-45 Compact

  • Wilson Combat 4" Professional (.45 ACP) - Tactical Supergrade Professional, CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Professional, Professional, Professional Lightweight

  • Kimber 4" Compact (.45 ACP) - Compact Stainless II, Compact CDP II

  • Kimber 4" Professional (.45 ACP) - Pro Carry II, Stainless Pro Carry II, Pro Carry HD II, Pro TLE II, Pro TLE/RL II, Stainless Pro TLE II, Stainless Pro TLE II (LG), Stainless Pro TLE/RL II, Pro Crimson Carry II, Tactical Pro II, Eclipse Pro II, Eclipse Pro Target II, Pro Covert II, Pro Aegis II, Pro CDP II, Pro Raptor II, Stainless Pro Raptor II, Super Carry Pro, Super Carry Pro HD

  • STI (.45 ACP) - Tactical 4.0, Ranger II

  • BUL Ltd. (.45 ACP) - M-5 Commander


CAUTION: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when replacing or working with firearm springs. Failure to follow this safety precaution could result in bodily injury.

Package Includes: Full-Length Guide Rod, Reverse Spring Plug, 22# Flat-Wire Recoil Spring

NOTE: This kit is not compatible with any Colt or Springfield Armory firearm

1) Is the flat wire spring compatible with a full length guide rod?
No-We do not offer a full length guide rod at this time that is compatible with the flatwire spring. The inner diameter of the flat wire is smaller and the spring requires a special guide rod which is why we offer the spring as a kit.

2) Is a Shok Buff required?
A Shok-Buff is included but optional on the 5” flatwire guide rod.  It is not recommended for use on the 4” kit since it can reduce slide travel.

3) Can I shoot +P ammunition with this kit?
Yes-since flat wire springs don’t lose their length over time like round wire springs they cushion your frame more effectively over time.  Flat wire springs also compress in a more linear fashion which makes them more tolerant of a wider variety of loads and grips.

Cautions and Installation Test Procedure

HOW TO TEST TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT RECOIL SPRING WEIGHT FOR YOUR AMMUNITION:  Go to the range with your pistol and a magazine that will positively lock your slide to the rear when you slowly retract the slide with the pistol empty. Load one round of the desired ammunition in the proven magazine, load the pistol and fire the single shot holding the pistol in your strong hand, but grip the pistol fairly loose. If the pistol consistently (5 to 10 shots is adequate) locks the slide to the rear, the recoil spring is not too heavy for your ammunition. A recoil spring that is 1-2# below the weight where you begin to have failures to lock open is ideal for your ammunition.

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Pro Carry II hd
Put this kit in my pro carry 2 and immediately questioned how it would work. The slide was much harder to operate making me think I'd have problems with ejecting and feeding. Today at the range said different. Felt recoil was less. Brass stacked up all in the same place. Never a misfeed. Great replacement spring kit
Perfect Replacement
Perfect Replacement for my Kimber Classic Carry Pro. Fit and Finish is top notch from Wilson Combat. No longer need to use the Kimber take down tool. The flat wire spring is a little noisy compared to factory, but longer spring life is the reason for purchase!
Wilson Combat 22 lbs flat spring kit
Just made the purchase and fnished my day at the range. This out performs the Original Mfg recoil spring and guide rod system No more Hicups and no more paper clips to disassemble my Kimber Pro Carry 2
Bought a used Kimber Crimson Pro Carry II, after a major problem with the 1911 I was carrying that must go to the factory to be replaced.long story The Kimber would not reliably cycle during qualification, had to bump into battery. Ordered this kit and made a mad dash to get it lucky me 30 miles away! I installed it and went to the range. It cycled flawlessly! Easy to install, without a gunsmith. no fitting required. I ran a few hundred rounds through it and it is slick as a whistle. I highly recommend it! Especially for cheapskates like me. at $15.00 per spring for regular ones that last about 800 rounds, this one lasting 20,000...thats a $330.00 savings over the life of the spring.....
WC 4 Flat Wire kit
This spring brought my 12-year-old Kimber back to life. Plus, I no longer need the paper clip tool to remove the spring, rod, and barrel.
STI Ranger II
Works fine. You can even pinch the slide back with one hand to chamber check as the guide rod is short enough to allow this. I had to turn the plug down with 320 grit sand paper to have a smooth fit inside the Ranger Slide..
Best purchase ever for a 4 1911
I purchased the flat wire kit for a new Kimber Pro TLE II and what a difference it makes. Not only is cycling much better but the felt recoil is considerably less. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Great product and Wilson Combat has great replacement parts.
Fixed my Kimber Super Carry Pro HD
My Kimber is new and immediately from the get go had issues with the bullet chambering completely before the slide caught it and jammed the pistol. Had this happen at least once or twice per mag over and over. After a little research I found the Kimber recoil spring was the likely culprit. Rather than contacting Kimber, I ordered this Wilson Combat spring kit and the problem disappeared. Thanks Wilson Combat. Next time I will just buy a Wilson Combat pistol and save me the trouble of changing out factory parts on a brand new Kimber.
Must Have For Springfield Champion Operator
The one thing I hated about my champion was take down. This kit simplifies everything. No more plastic clip over the guide rod. Ill be ordering a few flat wire springs to keep in my gear bag. I cant give this product enough thumbs up!
Kimber fix
I installed th FLat wire recoil kit into my KImber pro CDP.I purchased this gun used and it would only run with one brand of ammo and it would jam about every 10 rounds. After I installed this new spring kit I have ran 600 rounds of 4 different brands of ammo through it without one failure know I no this gun is 100 percent reliable.
Thought it was me
My Kimber Pro CDPII wasnt cycling right and I was thinking the problem was me losing my grip strength . After reading the reviews I decided to give this a try . I was very happy to find out it wasnt me and this cured the problem . Its back to 100% reliable . Thanks
Very reliable with defensive rounds
This kit worked superbly with factory or my defensive rounds. However, I had issues with my reloads at 725fps. This definitly would work for those not shooting 500+ rds per week of lighter loads for competition. I attribute this to the stiffer spring.
Perfect for my Pro Carry II
My 45 Kimber was not cycling right.As they say at Kimber to replace spring every 800 rounds. Well this recoil spring dropped right in and took care of my problem. And Wilson says it will last 10 X longer.
Made my Kimber Compact reliable.
Made my Kimber Compact reliable. Wish it would fit 4 Springfields though.
Spring kit
Being disappointed in my Kimbers short recoil spring life I decided to order the flatwire spring kit. Recieved in shortly and just looking at it..its darn sure appears to be a quality product. Dropped right in with no issues at all. The gun seems to run a bit different now..actually with less felt recoil. No feeding problems whatsoever. Another quality product from Mr Wilson.. Thanks
Kimber Tactical pro II
Instant upgrade, the weapon felt good before. Now it just has a more consistent and positive return to battery. Was tight to get in at first. After a few hundred rounds though and I now no longer need the take down tool. Makes cleaning and break down of the weapon 100% easier and efficient. No more dread when doing a cleaning.
Kimber pro carry
Take them worn out kimber spring and replace it with this you will be glad you did
Kimber Eclipse Pro II
Installing the spring took some effort. I can tell after cycling the slide quite a few times that the slide goes back and forth in and out of battery much more smoother then the stock spring and guide rod. Keep in mind that compressing the spring while putting the pistol back together is pretty difficult but youll get used to it.
kimber pro carry II
I hoped to extend the recoil spring change interval on my kimber pro carry II. I was never particularly bothered by the takedown toolpaper clip. The spring length is one inch longer than the original. It is rather hard to compress when installing and increases the effort it takes to sling shot the pistol into battery. The pistol functions well with it, though I had no issues prior to this. I hope it works as well for me as it does for the other reviewers
Solid, dependable function
I added this flat spring and guide rod to my Kimber Pro Carry. I have a mag, not a Wilson Combat, that occasionally would fail to feed the next to the last round. Since upgrading, I have used the magazine repeatedly with no failures to date. The functioning of my pistol has been very solid in all aspects: feeding, extraction, ejection, and lock back. I also appreciate the simpler take-down for cleaning.
Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II
I got this to replace the take down tool. A great addition to the the gun. I fired 150+ rounds, 230 gr FMJ Ball, thorough it with no issues after installing. The only FTL issue I had with my new Kimber was riding the slide once prior to getting this kit. Get this you will like it.
Field striping Beauty
Bought this for my Kimber Tactical Pro II to aid in field striping,and it works as advertised. No messing with that little tool or paper clip anymore. I hear the kit helps fix other issues that some Kimber owners have with their Pro models,but luckily for me I already had a great running pistol with zero failures to date and after 100 round with this kit Im still failure free. Thx Wilson
Flat Wire Recoil Spring Recoil Kit
Over the last 40 yrs I have spent thousands of dollars on 1911 stuff and this is the best money I have ever spent. Totally fixed my problem child Kimber.
Flat-wire spring kit
Thanks for a great product, no more trying to find the paper clip. Pistol seems to shoot better and no more FTE.
Flat wire spring
Outstanding I ordered 2 works like a dream know if we could get one fore my 4 1/4 colt
SA Loaded Champion W/Flat Wire
Made a huge difference in my 1911. I emailed several other after market manufactures and Wilson Combat answered all my questions in 24hrs. I had already ordered what I needed before the other guys even attempted to contact me. Great Service.
Must have!!!
Got one for my Kimber pro carry ii. Before it worked good had a FTF about every 3 mags. After install it work flawlessly!!!!!!!!!!!!! A must have for your 1911!!!!!!
Used in Kimber Pro Carry
Fantastic. Easy to install and functions flawlessly. I love being able to field strip the Kimber without the annoying tool/paper clip.
I was having a couple of feed issues with my kimber tactical pro 2 and this new flatwire spring set along with a Wilson combat magazine cured all of my Kimbers issues. If you are a frustrated Kimber owner reading this review you should definately buy this spring and a Wilson 47d magazine you will not be disappointed.
Awesome in my Kimber !
I have a Kimber Super Carry Pro which has been temperamental -mostly recoil spring related failure to return to battery-. This Wilson Combat flat-wire recoil spring kit has solved the problem. Also, the movement of the slide feels much smoother. I was aprehensive when I saw how much longer this flat-wire spring is compared to the stock spring, but it works beautifully and no takedown tool is required !
Awesome Upgrade!!!
Overall best upgrade I have purchased for my Kimber Pro Carry. Not having to use a take down pin is great and the recoil is surprisingly much better. Recommend this product 100%
Spring Kit
Okay, as soon as I dropped this in a Kimber Compact Stainless it was like picking up and racking a new gun. Something as simple as this makes the difference. Great upgrade.
Like a Glove!
I installed this kit in my Kimber Pro Raptor II the other day and have put about 200 rounds down range so far. There is a little less felt recoil, but more importantly I field strip my firearm without a take down pin. The parts fit perfectly and are of high quality.
If you own a 1911 of any kind, this is a must have. I couldnt be more pleased and was a great upgrade for my Kimber Super Carry Pro HD
Flat recoil spring kit
Put the flat wire kit into my Wilson Professional and it is great! The pistol cycles like glass now and it is way more accurate than I am.
Flat-Wire Spring Kit brings life to my Kimber...
I installed your spring kit today in my Kimber Super Carry Pro. It has refused to shoot my favorite load, 200 gr SWC. Usually not going to battery, it would not shoot a full mag without a feeding glitch. After the install, I shot 80+ rounds of SWC without a hitch, using 4-5 different mags. No malfunctions at all! Im happy!
Flat Spring for a CQB Compact - GTG
I decided to try the flat spring kit in my older Wilson CQB compact. This is my carry pistol. I have many others in an 1911 format pistols from Colt Commander/Gov/STI 2011s. I have run 1911s as .Mil/USPSA/IDPA and have found this to be a big improvement. After 500+ rds, this kit is GTG. Pros: Smoother cycling with Federal HST1/2 loadings and others and the projected longer spring life. Cons: none to date.
Great FLGR for compact 1911 models.
I installed this in my Wilson CQB compact out of curiosity, rather than necessity. The gun already ran flawlessly, as per expected with any Wilson firearm. But the increased spring life from the flat wire kit was just too appealing to resist. Instillation, if you could call it that, was a snap. As easy as swapping out one for the other. The fit and finish are always outstanding with Wilson so no surprise there. I just finished running 250 rounds through it earlier this afternoon without any issues. Without putting the pistol in a RR I cant comment on increased accuracy, but the cycling is quite smooth. Overall? The smoother recoil and cycle is a nice touch to an already outstanding firearm. I cant imagine anyone thinking that such a cheap upgrade wouldnt be 100% worth it. Great job Wilson team. Its good to see real American craftsmanship is still alive.
Flat wire spring kit
Dropped in and works fine. My Kimber worked fine but I hated needing a tool or paper clip to break it down.
Great upgrade for Kimbers
Purchased this to prolong spring life and ease takedown for my Kimber Pro Tle/Rl 2. Kit dropped in with no issue. Spring tension is much more consistent and so far 100% reliability. Fit and finish were flawless as expected with fast shipping.
651 flat wire spring upgrade High quallty
Had some feed issues with my Kimber super carry pro.Mostly with FTF but also in middle of a mag.Installed 651 kit , instantly noticed a crisp clean slide action,tried the 500 tac mag soooo smooth like a different gun.Put the kimber stock mag in,feed was almost as good , you could notice Wilson was just a clean snap of the slide though.Maybe a new Wilson is the next upgrade! Forget the rest buy the best!!
Made my CDPII reliable
Kit dropped right in to my CDPII Kimber. So far I have 150 trouble free rounds downrange. Before installing this kit I could not fire 50 rounds with out failures to feed.After 1K rounds the weapon would still not work reliably.This kit seems to have fixed the problem.Can be installed without tools.I would recommend it to friends.
Perfect function and easier assembly
I bought this for my Professional model. The spring plug is recessed by about 1/16th of an inch from the front of the slide, no biggie. The gun cycles more positively, not that I have any issues with the original set up. In fact I like the look of the original better.
Drops in and cycles smooth!
Dropped right in to my Kimber with no issues. Cycles smoother and I look forward to not worrying about my spring as much.

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