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Recommended Use: Compact / Professional Size 4" .38 Super +P full charge target or self-defense ammunition or .45 ACP shooting target ammunition with a power factor of 140,000 to 165,000 ( Velocity x Bullet Weight = Power Factor )

Average Service Life: 40,000 Rounds

NOTE: This is the standard recoil spring we install in our Compact / Professional .38 Super pistols.

This Wilson Combat innovation solves the issue of recoil spring fatigue in compact 1911 handguns and will greatly enhance overall compact pistol reliability.

Compact size 1911’s are noted for being extra hard on recoil springs and as your stock recoil spring takes a set and tension is reduced, the magazine spring will struggle to keep up or a last round feed malfunction can occur.


·         Improves Cycling and Overall Operation

·         Improved Recoil Spring Life

·         .250" Rod Diameter

·         15# Chrome Silicon Flat-Wire Recoil Spring

·         Longer Free Length with More Coils

·         Resists Tension Loss Much Better than Conventional Round Wire Springs

Compatible with the following handguns:

·         Wilson Combat 4" Compact (.38 Super) - Tactical Supergrade Compact, Ultralight Carry Compact, CQB Compact, CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Compact

·         Wilson Combat 4" Professional (.38 Super) - Tactical Supergrade Professional, CQB Light-Rail Lightweight Professional, Professional, Professional Lightweight

·         Kimber 4" Compact (.38 Super) - Compact Stainless II, Compact CDP II, Compact Series 1

·         Kimber 4" Professional (.38 Super) - Pro Carry II, Stainless Pro Carry II, Pro Carry HD II, Pro TLE II, Pro TLE/RL II, Stainless Pro TLE II, Stainless Pro TLE II (LG), Stainless Pro TLE/RL II, Pro Crimson Carry II, Tactical Pro II, Eclipse Pro II, Eclipse Pro Target II, Pro Covert II, Pro Aegis II, Pro CDP II, Pro Raptor II, Stainless Pro Raptor II, Super Carry Pro, Super Carry Pro HD

Cautions and Installation Test Procedure

HOW TO TEST TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT RECOIL SPRING WEIGHT FOR YOUR AMMUNITION:  Go to the range with your pistol and a magazine that will positively lock your slide to the rear when you slowly retract the slide with the pistol empty. Load one round of the desired ammunition in the proven magazine, load the pistol and fire the single shot holding the pistol in your strong hand, but grip the pistol fairly loose. If the pistol consistently (5 to 10 shots is adequate) locks the slide to the rear, the recoil spring is not too heavy for your ammunition. A recoil spring that is 1-2# below the weight where you begin to have failures to lock open is ideal for your ammunition.


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