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Wilson Combat Adjustable Target/Tactical Rear Sight for Colt 2020 Python/Anaconda

This rugged, fully-adjustable replacement rear sight of hardened chromoly steel has an improved sight picture, reliable adjustments and a superior fit in your revolver's frame. 

This heavy duty sight can make a great gun even better and allows for easy adjustment in the field. These sights have generous elevation and windage adjustment and are easy to install.  The rear blade with your choice of square notch (target) or U-notch (tactical) has radiused edges and is partially serrated to reduce glare and is a perfect match for the factory front sight.

NOTE: This sight will ONLY fit new production Colt 2020 Python, Anaconda, and King Cobra Target models and will not fit any other older model handguns.

Material: Chromoly Steel, black oxide finish
Blade Type: Partially serrated Square Notch
Rear sight notch width/depth: .135” width, .099” depth
Dovetail: 2020 New Colt Python and Anaconda only
Elevation Adjustments: Yes
Windage Adjustments: Yes

To Install

1. Make sure your revolver is unloaded
2. Place your revolver on a non marring bench block or hold in a padded vise by the barrel
3. Tighten your rear sight elevation screw all the way down to lock sight in place
4. Using a 1/16” punch and small hammer,  remove your old rear sight retaining roll pin while ensuring that you do not mar the frame
5. Remove the elevation screw and rear sight assembly and clean the sight recess without losing any parts-(there is a small detent and spring under the screw.)
6. Install new rear sight with new elevation spring under the elevation screw, checking fit in your frame. Install elevation screw all the way down
7. Tap in new supplied roll pin with non marring hammer or punch, seat with 1/16” punch flush with frame
8. Ensure your sight has functional adjustment after assembly

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Perfect Rear Sight
Ok, first off thank you, thank you for making the rear replacement sight for the new Colt Python. When dry firing with snap caps (30 rounds) the original Colt Python sight fell off the gun. I was sickly surprised by this, unbelievable. This made the gun useless. Thought about super gluing the sight down, but saw your site for the Wilson Sight. I put it on backorder and it arrived Friday. Today was able to get to range and fire 200 rounds of 38 special, 38 special plus P (hot load) and 357mag (hot bear load). Perfect sight did not get loose and remained the same as install. Perfect sight picture with your green front sight. So thank you! This old guy waited years to be able to get Colt Python only to be disappointed with Colt's choice of rear sight.
Rock solid!
No more wiggle like with the factory rear sight. Positive adjustment clicks. Just what the new Python deserves.
Excellent up-grade for the Python! Easy to install. What Colt should have done in the first place.
Thanks Wilson
Ditto with Ronnie Evans and all the others are saying. These are great sights and should have been what Colt should have put on the Python from the factory. Having to fiddle with that little windage screw from Colt was a real pain in the butt. Thanks Wilson for giving us a much better option.
Looking for python sites in all the wrong places!
I have these sites professionally installed, they are old school heavy metal sites. Adjustment is super easy. You will love your python so much more. The stock sites look like they should have been on a BB gun. These sites are the real deal.
Excellent Up Grade
This sight is a excellent up grade to the stock sight. Easy installation and really makes the Python the gun that others are compared to.
Excellent Rear Sight
I installed this rear sight on a Python and Anaconda. Wow! What a difference from the factory sight in preciseness of adjustment, sight picture, and confidence the POI won't change. This was the single thing that was fundamentally wrong with the Colt revolvers straight from the factory. Thank you WC for making these sights. Simply excellent!
A Must Buy for All 2020 Python Owners
I bought two sets of the square notch rear sights right after they were offered. The stock Colt sight is functional, but the tiny set screw is incredibly annoying, and the entire rear sight moves back and forth. The Wilson Combat rear sight does not require carrying a .050” Allen key, and the entire sight feels like it’s welded to the top strap. The WC rear has click adjustments for both elevation AND windage. Don’t buy a $1,500 revolver, and leave a $10 stock sight on the firearm.
A great pistol made perfect.
Purchased 2 rear sights for the Colt Python. One for my 6 inch and one for my 3 inch. Installation went well and took approximately 30 minutes for each pistol, being very careful not to mar the pistol. They look great and perform as an adjustable sight should. No more loose rear sight or loosing windage adjustment due to small Allen screw backing out. The windage and elevation adjustments are positive and secure once adjustment is made. The Wilson Combat sight should have been what came on the pistol from the factory!