Plunger Tube, Bullet Proof®, Stainless

Plunger Tube, Bullet Proof®, Stainless
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Our Bullet Proof Plunger Tube is machined from hardened solid bar stock and designed for a long-lasting, rigid installation in any 1911 pistol. Gunsmith installation required.

  • Stainless Steel

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Better than factory. 3/7/2012
After 1500 round in my 80 Series S&W my tube worked loose and had a cracked post. I would say I’m not excessively using the safety, if that matters. . . Mr. S&W tech I talked to on the phone. I could have sent it back to S&W and waited three weeks for the same part but I decided to swap it out with this. I now have over 2000 rounds on this tube and NO issues. Since it’s more or less part of the frame and not really serviceable in the field I wanted a part that I assumed wouldn’t fail. I think I’ve found it.
- Joe LaBrec, MN