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Store your custom 1911 in class...

  • Walnut Construction
  • Plexiglass Top With Wilson Combat Logo Laser Etched
  • Black Foam/Felt Insert Cut For Full-Size 1911 And Extra Magazine
  • Lockable Brass Latch
  • Double Brass Hinges
  • 11" Length x 8 1/2" Width x 3 3/4" Depth

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Excellent quality
This is a well made display case and my 1911 fits like a glove. The fit and finish is perfect. This is a case that will help to protect and display my case and with the lock it is just one more positive feature. I am very pleased with this case.
Presentation case
Perfect fit. I use mine for a ww2 Remington Rand.
Extremely Nice Presentation Case
This fine walnut display case is just the thing for your prized Wilson pistol. The case is well made, attractive, and the WC logo etched into the glass top is a classic touch of elegance. The brass locking hardware contrasts nicely against the dark walnut body and interior foam lining. This case is designed to make a magnificent pistol look even nicer, and it does this job extremely well. Please dont get confused about the job of this case, however. It is NOT designed as a security vault to keep out unauthorized persons or children. Thats what gun safes are for. Rather, this regal case takes an already incredible pistol, a Wilson, and gives it an extra shot of panache. At a very affordable $79, this is one accessory that is truly worth every penny.
Beautiful display case
Though I have a Ruger SR1911 and not a Wilson Combat 1911, I bought this case to show it off. It is a well made and beautifully constructed, locking presentation case with a molded foam bottom to hold your cherished 1911 and 1, 7 or 8 rnd magazine in place. The Wilson Combat logo is tastefully etched in the lower right corner, but not so as to obstruct the view of the main attraction laying inside. With all the great 1911s and such few reasonably priced presentation cases, an option for the etched logo would be nice, but I like it just the way it is. Note: I would not consider this case to necessarily be theft or child-proof. But it could probably help kept honest people honest by bolting it down from the inside and it is definitely child resistant for those who do not normally have children around where it is displayed.
Supergrade Class and Quality
Finally something worthy so display my Turnbull blued Classic Supergrade. The rich color of the walnut and the thick glass are a welcome sight. Like all Wilson guns, the craftsmanship on this display case is top notch, tasteful, and elegant. Though it may always be stashed away in the safe, youre sure to grin from ear to ear every time you look at your prized Wilson thru the etched glass.