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These 1911 Auto parts meet or exceed factory specifications. If you're building a gun, or wish to bring your gun back to spec., these parts will provide exceptional service.


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Top Tier Company With Combat Quality Parts
Wow. I bought Wilson Combat magazines before but never replacement parts. I cannot believe that you guys use top quality materials even for the smallest and simplest parts. I did not even buy a Bulletproof part and this part is already top tier. I can tell that Wilson Combat use higher quality material and they pay attention to detail more than a lot of other companies. Your parts actually came perfectly made, brand new, not a single mark or scratch. I say that because other companies send you parts that look unfinished or used. Also, thank you for sending the part in a very well packaged box. Honestly, the part would have survived an explosion. Honestly, I thought it would come in a bubble envelope because this is such a small and simple part. You take care of your customers through the highest quality products and service. I will recommend other people and will buy more products in thd future. I am not sponsored or getting paid for this review. I am just a very happy customer. Thank you again.
Top Quality Replacement Parts
Wilson Combats parts are the best 1911 replacement parts available, and this recoil spring plug was no exception. The plug is solidly built and nicely blued, with no sharp edges or flaws. It functions smooth as glass. And Wilsons quick delivery was outstanding! I highly recommend Wilson Combat for all 1911 accessories.