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The Wilson Combat®-Bravo Company Starburst Gunfighter Grip is one of the more comfortable and ergonomic grips available for the AR15.  Easy installed with a large flat head screwdriver, this high quality grip has become one of the leaders in the AR15 market in a very short time.

This nearly unbreakable polymer construction has a comfortable, natural grip angle for dynamic shooting and molded Wilson Combat exclusive Starburst design pattern for a sure grip.  A water-resistant storage area is perfect for keeping lube or batteries.

  • The BCM Gunfighter Grip (GFG) features:
  • Reduced angle for improved ergonomics.
  • Hinged trap door offering storage inside the grip with a water resistant rubber gasket.
  • Made in the USA and manufactured from high quality impact resistant polymers.
  • Mod-3 has rear tang filler for a larger grip to fit gloved and non-gloved users.
  • Exclusive Wilson Combat® Starburst pattern for a signature look and improved traction.


Note: The tab on the front of the grip must be removed for use with the Wilson Combat® Tactical Trigger Guard (TTG)

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Perfect grip
I have this on both my MCX Pistols. I love the grip angle as well as the attractive and functional texture. Easy to install. Zero issues.
Adrian, Ga.
The grip is a great product. It fits my hand perfectly and the starburst pattern looks way cool and provides a great grip surface. Great job guys!
Starburst AR grip
By far my favorite grip and I have several different ones.
Looks great, fits great, functions great
Obviously a grip isn't a complicated product in comparison to other things WC offers but this doesn't disappoint. BCM and Wilson did a great job on this and in my opinion it's the only grip worth buying. I have this on every AR I own and it will go on every one in the future. When I spend money on parts I like them to look as good as they function and will gladly pay slightly more for a better looking product. The only thing I feel people should know about this is it fits perfect on any Wilson or any MIL-SPEC lower but Aero Precision and many others require a very small amount of filing on the front of the grip under the trigger guard. It's very simple and anyone can do it.
Great look and feel
Looks great on the rifle, and fits the hand perfectly. Just figured being a wilson combat product, I wouldn't have to spend a half hour with a small barrel sander and a tapered mill on a dremel tool to get it on and to fit the receiver! Otherwise I would have given it a 5-star review.
Looks great, fantastic traction
As others have mentioned, be aware if you have a billet lower that you may need to trim the front tab on the grip. Rather than cut mine off entirely, I just trimmed to fit with a dremel and hobby knife so it looks made for the lower, and it fits perfectly. The stippling is aggressive, and the starburst grip pattern makes it even more so. Fantastic feel and control, and it looks great. I used to swear by MIADs, but this is my new favorite grip. I don't even miss the modularity, it fits just right as-is.
Excellent grip
The starburst grip looks awesome on my aero precision build! Just a heads up on installation: the aero m4e1 lower trigger guard is fixed and comes back at an angle towards the tab on the front of the grip. I had to use an exacto knife to trim it down a bit to get the proper fit. Buy with confidence. WC also had it shipped out quick with updates along the way, thanks!
Excellent feel and control
I’ve got this grip on 2 builds and have absolutely loved it. The angle provides good control and a solid foundation for managing recoil and staying on target. Each of my friends with milspec grips have changed over after shooting with mine. Don’t delay, buy today!
Stag 3TL
Happy Happy Happy ---- My one and only left hand thanks you very much. I recommend all Wilson products.
Great grip
This grip has great texture and feel. I love the Wilson Starburst pattern. As youd expect from Wilson, a quality product.
Its Wilson...Nuff said
Grip got here in 2 days and is just what I thought it would be . Looks great , feels great and now that I know BCM is making them for WC I like it even more . I love the trap door on the bottom . I stays put but opens very easy . This thing is sweet !
Excellent Producy
This grip has superb ergonomics and texture. Superior product in all regards.
Hands down, the BEST!
Without a doubt the best grip I have ever used on an AR rifle. The ergonomics feel much more natural and the star burst pattern gives plenty of traction without being too abrasive shooting bare handed.