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Deluxe Soft Pistol Case with the Distinctive Wilson Combat® Logo

  • Main Pocket Padded To Provide Considerable Protection For Your Pistol
  • Seven Padded Magazine Pockets, Covered By A Velcro Flap With The Wilson Combat® Logo In Black
  • Two Padded Accessory Pockets With Zipper Closure
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Zipper
  • 1 1/2" Webbing Handles
  • Stack Flat So They Take Up Less Room Than Conventional Pistol Rugs
  • Made From 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon
  • 15" Wide x 9" Tall x 2 1/2" Thick
  • Pistol Case That All Wilson Combat® Custom Pistols Are Shipped In

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Excellent bag
For $25 I doubt there is a better case. Well made, well thought out. Would buy again.
This pistol bag is really great!
I have purchased many different pistol bags over the years but this one is by far the most well constructed. Without question, it is the best bag for the money. I love the slots for magazines and the larger pockets for ammo and accessories. Just purchased my second bag. Job well done Wilson Combat!
no b.s. this pistol range bag is a must buy !!
best buy of the year iv made so far.mag pouchs are easy to use, even with all the junk i carry its still lite. well made range bag. up here in washington st. the rain does not go through.
A pistol case that turns heads
This is a slick pistol bag, the mag slots, two extra storage pouches, and heavy duty stitching make this a great value. At the range I constantly get comments on how nice the mag slots must be, followed by a where can I buy one question.
Great bag.
Ive always wanted a pelican case and recently got a pelican 1200 to carry my wilson around with. Turns out now that I have it, I still prefer the stock wilson bag that came with my classic to the hard case pelican! Will the Wilson bag protect my classic the same as the Pelican? Probably not, but for the added gap in protection, its not likely that ill be dragging my wilson bag behind my car or dropping it off a roof any time soon. The wilson bag is just super practical and it holds enough - mags/ammo/tools/gun that it ALMOST discourages me from also bringing my giant range bag every single time. The only thing that I would do to improve this is add thicker zipper pull tabs and a solid d-ring at one end. Thats only because Im in california and have to have it locked up during transport. Aside from that, its a fantastic bag.
Best Soft Case Ive Ever Found!
Im careful about recommending products because doing so inherently places my integrity at risk. That said, it is my anything but humble opinion that Ive never found a better soft pistol case than this, and Ive been shooting for over 30 years. The price is an absolute bargain, too. I have several of these cases and will not use anything else. They are well designed, heavily padded for maximum protection, and crafted for heavy duty use. The main compartment safely protects your pistol, while the other compartments allow you to carry a huge variety of accessories. For example, I carry a folding knife, cleaning gear, extra mags, a Surefire light and other related items. The two front pockets will each easily and securely hold Smith and Wesson J frame revolvers. The WC embroidery is a very nice touch. Its this kind of product that has helped make Wilson the best of the best. I rest my case.
A Must Have Range/Travel Accessory
Is this the most glamorous product Wilson Combat offers? Nah. Is it practical, with more than enough room to accommodate 1 or 2 pistols, a couple of boxes of ammo, magazines and spare parts? Yes! My bag is 3 years old now, with minimal signs of wear. The nylon is quality with well done stitching. I keep a full size Government model in a silicone cloth in the main compartment, spare parts for the range, ammunition, close to 20 magazines, gun oil, a silicone rag and an AR-15 firing pin aids in detail stripping and magazine disassembly in the rest of the bag. A great, low key way to keep your beloved Supergrade protected!
The best pistol case I have ever found
This Wilsons pistol case cannot be compared to the bargain cases often found online or in department stores. This case is not at all flimsy, and will protect your pistol and adjustable sights from bumps and jolts, while also remaining pliable enough to comfortably carry or stow within a larger range bag. The side magazine pouches seven of them are perfectly proportioned and are well covered by the heavy velcro flap. The other side of the case has two zippered carry-all compartments -- just enough room for basic accessories, etc., without making the pistol case too bulky/heavy. The outer shell material has a textured/stiff feel to it, and gives every indication that it will stand up to very many years of hard use. The interior envelope for your pistol is lined with black nylon should hide gun grime and oil well and retains its shape by what feels to be stiff, high-quality closed-cell foam. The stitching, handles and zippers look like they could be drug behind your truck and survive just fine. This really is a first-class pistol case, and an online photograph doesnt do it justice. When you see it and use it, youll understand. And on the note of seeing it, mine came in an attractive medium-grey color nice to have a gun/tactical accessory that is NOT black!. The Wilson Combat logo is stitched into the magazine flap. Yes, I will buy more of these cases, and I will certainly recommend them to friends.

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