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Nothing works better than magnetic lapel pins. No risking damage to your favorite shirt or jacket.

Magnetic lapel pins, as the name would suggest, include a strong magnet pin back that holds the pin tight to the front of your shirt, jacket, or other item. Single magnetic pins are lightweight and ideal for delicate fabrics.

In addition to their strength and ease of use, magnetic lapel pins won't pierce the material of your blouse, jacket, or hat. While traditional lapel pins look great on most clothing and accessories – and you'd never know they were there when you take them off – some fabrics will be left with a visible hole if they are compromised by a pin. Sheer materials, silks, satins, and other fine, lightweight fabrics can often show damage where a post back pin has been attached, as will leather. A magnetic lapel pin never needs to be pushed through the fabric, so it can be easily removed without leaving any lasting damage.