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This extra large magazine release is ideal for shooters with very small hands or competition shooters looking for the edge at a match when making magazine changes. The large checkered paddle can’t be missed under pressure.

Not recommended for carry or tactical pistols. Drop in fit to most guns, some grips will require inletting.

  • Large checkered paddle is perfect for fast reloads
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Drop-in fit, grips may require inletting


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Really good part
I've been using this part for several months now. 100 times better than the OEM part. Especially since I have neuropathy in my hands.
Really Improves Access but...
... probably not IDPA legal. Needed to get better access to my Springfield TRP traditional 1911 magazine release and this product fit like a glove. Installed in a matter of minutes once I pressed in on the old release to turn the screw. Bought the catch lock and spring as well. My thumb actually touches the button during gripping, but I still need to shift only slightly to press for the release. As with all Wilson products, this is top notch quality.
Really Makes a Difference!
Having small hands, mag changes are a challenge. 50 with this mag release installed. Being skeptical, I ordered one, installed it and did a comparison test doing 50 mag speed changes with original mag release and 50 with this one. 100 %change on first try with this. 70% with stock part. Also unobtrusive. No snag on any holster I use. Did require modifying Hogue rubber grips. After trying one, I bought 4 more.
Drop it in and go!
Wilson Combat 1911 accessories are always well engineered and of the highest quality. This extended slide release is no different and was a perfect match for my stainless Colt .45acp. Form, fit and function are flawless.
I put this on my 1911 45acp and love it...
The only thing i would have liked to see is a SS locking screw and spring to make it perfect.. : A good add to my 1911 family.
Best 1911 mag release available!!!
I can keep my hand position and release the mag with this, reducing IDPA match times and penalties. Get the extended slide release too! I like Wilson products best including their magazines.They are superior to any competitors.
Dont Catch and Release this One
This is unquestionably the best oversize mag release I have ever encountered, and Ive been into 1911s for 30 years. I added one to my Supergrade, and it was simple to install and fit into the frame as though it had been mated by a smith. This release is large enough to allow me to activate it by simply dropping my thumb down while simultaneously maintaining a proper firing grip and is small enough to prevent unintentional activation. This release does exactly what it should do in every respect. Generally speaking, extended mag releases have not always been advantageous for those who carry concealed because of the possibility of an accidental activation. Ive carried mine in several different holsters and have never had a problem. I expect nothing less from Wilson Combat. I trust them, you can too. This is an outstanding accessory that youll want on all your 1911 pistols.
Wish I Knew About This Equipment Years Ago
Finally I can reach the mag-release without adding time to my mag changes. This means a lot when winning or losing is measured in thousandths of a second. The mag release droped right in my Kimber Custom II Target without any need of adjustments. Make sure you dont over do it if you use loctite on the retainer screw for the release button. It will gum up the spring in the release housing and render the button useless.
USPSA Competitor love this oversize mag release!
Installed on a Para Ordinance 1911 Needed some filing to get it to fit through the back side slot of the mag release. Easy access to the mag release even with my short thumb. Dont have to change you hand position to release the mag.
Quality Upgrade
Great improvement over a traditional mag release. Really expedites the ability to drop a magazine without adjusting shooting grip. And I have medium to large hands, I can palm a basketball. You will not inadvertently drop the mag with your shooting grip. Does not impede ability to swap out grips either because I have CT laser grips. Does not add much bulk or edges for carry weapons. One recommendation is to use a drop of medium strength locktite threadlocker when affixing the over sized checkered piece to the body of the magazine release.