Nite-Eyes Snag-Free Sight Set, Full-Size 1911, Tritium

Nite-Eyes Snag-Free Sight Set, Full-Size 1911, Tritium
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Wilson Combat® Nite-Eyes® Tritium Sights feature a bright green front sight insert and a subdued yellow insert on each side of the rear sight notch. The bright green color draws the shooter's eye to the front sight while the subdued rear yellow dots serve as an instantaneous color-coded alignment check. Nite-Eyes® low-profile snag-free sights provide a well-defined sight picture, making them the ultimate combat sight under all light conditions. The front 1911 Auto sights are dovetail mounted (.300" x 60degree) for positive sight retention. All sights come in sets: front & rear with Allen head set screw. (Seven-year illumination guarantee on Tritium sights.)

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Good looking sight if you can figure out what theyll fit on correctly 5/10/2019
These appear to be a tad to small for either of my Kimber Super Carrys. These look tiny by comparrison but Ill keep them anyway. Sooner or later I may have something theyll work on. The 60 degree part looks ok but the length and width of the dove tale seems a little bit small for the Kimber slides.. Also the overall sight blade looks short front to rear but the hight is ok. These look like they may go on a micro model of the 1911 such as the sig 938 or Kiimber micro 9mm. Dont look nearly robust enough for commander of full size 1911 slide. The price is right on these if you can figure out what theyll work on. Please bear in mind Im writing a review here for the front white sight only that Wilson is offering for just shy of 5.00 each on their 75% off clearance sale not the snake eyes set of front and rear night sights.
Great sights 9/11/2015
I have had these on a 1911 now for close to 10 maybe 12 years they still work stil glow I love them.
- Mike, VT