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The Ingenious Multi-Port 1911 Compensator Features a Built-In Barrel Bushing, Three Chambers and Seven Exhaust Ports for Maximum Recoil Suppression. Adding the Multi-Comp Compensator to your 1911 Auto is as fast and easy as changing out the barrel bushing and since the Multi-Comp can be used with your stock barrel, you have greater flexibility with your pistol at minimal cost.

The Multi-Comp works on all Government length (5") 1911 Autos with .576 - .580 muzzle O.D. in calibers up to and including .45 ACP. Requires Wilson Combat #148,5 Two-Piece Guide Rod or stock recoil spring plug shortened to 1.2". (Any Commander length plug is also appropriate for The Multi-Comp).

  • Built-In Barrel Bushing for Easy Installation
  • Three Chambers and Seven Exhaust Ports for Maximum Recoil Suppression
  • Designed to Be Used with Your Stock Barrel
  • Works on All 5" 1911 Autos with .576" - .580" Muzzle O.D.
  • Suitable for Calibers up to .45 ACP
  • CNC Machined from Stainless Steel Barstock
  • Bead Blast Finish and Polished Sides to Match Your Pistol
  • Minor Fitting Required


NOTE: Any Commander length plug is also appropriate for our bushing compensator.


Shooting Times Takes a Look at the Effectiveness of the Multi-Comp

397 Test & Evaluation

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Does not fit Kimber Target II 9mm
Quality made and color is the same with my Kimber Target II 9mm Stainless. Only gave it 3 stars due to it does not fit my Kimber…would’ve been nice though…
Looks cool and seems to reduce muzzle rise
I have an almost 20 year old stainless steel Wilson 1911 Classic. Compensator matches the gun perfectly and looks great on the the gun. Seems to help with muzzle rise at the range. Definitely will get your shooting buddies jealous. You definitely will need the two piece guide rod. I don’t think you could get it on the gun without it.
Sweet compensator
I own a Ruger SR1911 and I wanted to make it my own,, I order this compensator with excellent turn around time from order to have in my hand was truly fast ,, I realized the compensator was to thick on the outside diameter I rigged my own jig with a long screw , washers , & bolt I added it to my hand drill & with a diamond tooth file I was able to take it down 0.02 thousands the compensator fits nice and snug & the new look of my SR1911 is awesome,, Thank You Wilson
Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded
Medium amount of fitting. Worked fine with stock pug, spring and guide rod. Upgraded to Wilson flat-wire spring and short rod. Love it.
Performs as desired
A small amount of fettling with emery cloth and some extremely light work with a Swiss file provided an excellent fit on my SIG Nightmare. Range testing provided reduced recoil on an already excellent pistol and Re-acquisition was improved - great buy !
Great Fit!!!
I purchased this compensator for my 10mm Kimber stainless Target 2. I have recently upgraded guide rod and spring to Wilson Combat flat wire and short rod after installing then purchase compensator fit like a glove no Gunsmithing required great product.
Looks good, but couldnt use
I really enjoy the look of the compensator and Im sure it would make a great change in the way my SR1911 shoots, but it will not fit the barrel sadly.
Colt Government
Works as expected. Minor fitting. Doesnt match the slide profile though. Could not be installed with oem recoil plug.
Dan Wesson Valor
I plan on using this particular firearm for fun as well as competitive shooting. I bought the compensator to hopefully reduce muzzle flip. I must mention that the Valor was already a very controllable and accurate firearm. Being a shade tree gunsmith I must admit I was a bit nervous taking on this job of fitting the bushing. I carefully fitted the bushing to the frame. Upon completion , I checked for barrel spring, the Valor is a full size Government model 5 inch barrel.I did have barrel spring and proceeded to I relieve the bushing in 3 different areas to get a stress free fit. I took it to the range and was ecstatic with the results. The patterns were nice and tight with next to no recoil or muzzle flip.I referenced a shop manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen to assist in the gunsmithing.
Commander Install
After talking to a technician at Wilson Combat, he advised that it could fit a Commander 4.25 with modification. I purchased and took to my FFL Gunsmith and had it fitted. He didnt have to do much and it fits great. I noticed an improvement in muzzle climb less and quicker re-acquisition.
Taurus PT1911AR
Slotted in with very minimal fitting, fit with a new recoil spring and WC 2 piece guide rod, and shooting it today was great. Improved accuracy and much better recoil control. Great buy and great price.
On my 80s series officer, it looks nice, fits snug and shoots like a dream. Just be aware that you must fit the spring cap, which means cutting it about .3 inches, scary, but very doable.
Fast Service
Got part faster than expected. Fitting was fast, and I mean like hold it sand paper and make like for completes twists fast. Of course models very I installed mine on a Taurus.
Multi-Comp Bushing Compensator, Full-Size Stainless Steel
I have a Taurus 1911 SS. Ordered this product on 12-19-13 and it arrived on 12-22-13 on a Sunday very very fast service. With just a little hand sanding it fit as snug as a bug in a rug. Looks great, cant wait to go shoot it.
Took about an hour of sanding and polishing to fit my sr1911 but well worth it alot tighter fit than stock bushing and looks great cant wait to shoot it
Multi-Comp Bushing Compensator, Full-Size, Stainless Steel
Just got my stainless compensator for my Springfield Loaded Target model. Polished and matte surfaces line up perfectly. Installation was no problem.Already had the Shok-Buff kit installed, so felt recoil was reduced even more. Improved control staying on target for double taps.Have several of your products on my guns. Thanks for making a top quality line of products.You have a lifelong customer!!
nail driving
the compensator fit wonderful and looks sweet on my Taurus 1911. wilson sayed it would reduce muzzle flip and it delivered,increased accuracy by 1 inch groups.its a must have , wear safety glasses side vents blow back towards you.
Doesnt fit my SR1911
Looks nice, but not even close to fitting MY SR1911. I have had to sand it way down and it is still very tight. Nice product if you dont have to do custom machining to get it to fit your gun.
Very happy
First, it just looks amazing. Fit real tight with no modification to anything. I actually think it is more accurate now than it was with the factory bushing. Very pleased as usual when it comes to Wilson Combat!
Excellent was the best thing to buy installed in Min. and Works as good as it Looks My new SR1911 Ruger never felt so smooooth!!!!!!!
Comp is COOL!
Fantastic! Thats all I can say. Installed this part on my 1980s Colt series 80 .45 and WOW! As a treat for myself I also installed the 2 piece guide rod, Shock- Buff kit with new recoil spring and man, that TOTALLY tighten on my groups. I must say I noticed it seemed to be shooting a little high...might be just me though as I havent shot this gun in a long time.....no prob though, Ill be replacing my wilson 3 dots...from 20 years ago with another set of wilson sights!!!! Do yourself a favor and install these parts, you WILL NOT regret it. THANKS again John May!
Took a little fitting nothing major but well Worth it. Seems to keep my S&W on target better and looks great. This IS a quality part, not just some cheap drop in. A+
bigger difference than expected
I was really surprised at how much this simple add-on was able to reduce felt recoil. I felt less recoil across the board but light loads were particularly affected; 185 gr. rounds felt like .380 auto through my full size Springfield. Plus the compensator matches the profile of the gun and has little impact on carry with an open bottomed holster. Worth every penny.
This is one of the best upgrades you can get. My groupings improved dramatically. Reduced recoil and looks awesome. Pretty tight fit.
Drop in bushing / Compensator
Had one of these years ago in a Gold Cup Nat Match .45 and was very happy with the fit and results it gave, the last one I just bought went straight into a stainless Kimber TII in 38 super, fitted perfectly and works better than I could have hoped for, sure not as complete gas diversion as in conventional screw on comps but for something that took 5 min to fit mostly due to the full length guide rod fitting, the bushing comp on a stock guide rod is a true drop in comp that fits perfectly and works about 60 - 70% easy, taming the hot 160+ PF 38 super rounds to not much more than a heavy 22 rimfire target pistol. Great product, fitted perfectly, made very well to suit the stainless slide like it was made for it, one that really works well enough to be very satisfied.
A Must-Have for 1911 Shooters
Installed this on my Sig Sauer 1911 & just returned from the range. I was able to shoot controlled pairs from 15 yards one-handed easily. A must-have for 1911 shooters, no question.
Extremeness to the Extreme
Put on my springer Gi that i replaced all parts with wilson already. took it to the range and it performs like a dream. able to double tap at 25 yards both rounds within an inch of each other. recoils i way lower and easier to do rapid fire. A plus!!!!

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