Match Grade Barrel, 9mm, Smith & Wesson M&P 9, 4.95" Threaded 1/2-28, Stainless

Match Grade Barrel, 9mm, Smith & Wesson M&P 9, 4.95
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Easily enhance the accuracy of your Smith and Wesson M&P handgun!

Wilson Combat® Match-Grade Barrels are known for their unsurpassed quality and accuracy. Now your M&P handgun can have this superb accuracy without sending your pistol off to a master pistolsmith and waiting for months.

Wilson Combat® match barrels are fully machined from aircraft grade stainless steel blanks and heat-treated to R/C 40 for maximum service life. Critical manufacturing tolerances are held to less than .0005" (one half thousandth of an inch!).

To give you phenomenal accuracy, extreme care has been taken to assure that the chamber is glass smooth and perfectly concentric with the bore. In our barrel test fixture we routinely obtain test groups of 1/2" @ 25 yards!

Throughout the manufacturing process each barrel undergoes multiple quality-control checks, with a detailed final inspection prior to receiving the Wilson name. You can be sure that if your barrel bears the Wilson name, it's the best there is!

  • Match-Grade - Superb Accuracy (2" Or Less At 25 Yards With Match Ammo is typical)
  • Polished feed ramp, bore and supported chamber
  • 1 in 16" twist conventional broach rifling
  • Fully Machined From 416R Stainless Steel
  • Heat-Treated To R/C 40 For Maximum Service Life
  • Critical Manufacturing Tolerances Are Held To Less Than .0005" (One Half Thousandth Of An Inch!)
  • Glass Smooth Chamber And Perfectly Concentric With The Bore
  • In Our Barrel Test Fixture We Routinely Obtain ˝" At 25 Yard Groups
  • Detailed Final Inspection Prior To Receiving The Wilson Name On The Hood
  • Critical Lock-Up Contact Areas Cut To A Dimension That Provides A Good Lock-Up in most guns
  • Compatible with Smith & Wesson M&P Full Size handguns in 9mm caliber
  • Threaded 1/2-28

Note: Due to variations in pistol dimensions, installation in some pistols may require very minor material removal in the hood or locking lug area which most people can easily do themselves.  In some pistols your sights may require adjustment after installation.

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Incredible precision
Put this in an M&P C.O.R.E. and I can lose shots in practically the same hole at 10 yds. And 2 inch groups at 20 yds. And I still think the accuracy trouble is me. I came back to find the threading information, and I had to brag about how great this is.
Expected nothing less
Barrel was drop in without any issues. Gun cycles smoothly and even offhand at 7yards it was clear the thing makes an improvement. Buying Wilson has never let me down!
Excellent barrel that performs as advertised
This barrel made a noticeable difference over the three factory barrels I own, the old factory 1:18.75 twist and two new production 1:10 barrels. At 25 yards groups shrunk noticeably and even pulling shots doing horribly using non match ammo after being up for 22 hours I was able to keep groups under 3.5 inches. With more trigger time I know this can easily be shrunk as I have only about 400 rounds through this platform after modifying the grip and trigger which I need to adjust to.