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Wilson Combat® Match-Grade Glock® Barrels are known for their unsurpassed quality and accuracy. Now you can have this superb accuracy without sending your pistol off to a master pistolsmith and waiting for months.

  • Match-Grade - Superb Accuracy (2" Or Less At 25 Yards With Good Ammo)
  • Polished feed ramp, bore and supported chamber
  • 1 in 16" twist conventional broach rifling will accept lead, jacketed or plated bullets without fear of pressure spikes caused by polygonal rifling
  • Fully Machined From 416R Stainless Steel
  • Heat-Treated To R/C 40 For Maximum Service Life
  • Critical Manufacturing Tolerances Are Held To Less Than .0005" (One Half Thousandth Of An Inch!)
  • Glass Smooth Chamber And Perfectly Concentric With The Bore
  • In Our Barrel Test Fixture We Routinely Obtain ˝" At 25 Yard Groups
  • Detailed Final Inspection Prior To Receiving The Wilson Name On The Hood
  • Critical Lock-Up Contact Areas Cut To A Dimension That Provides A Good Lock-Up in most guns

Wilson Combat® match barrels are fully machined from aircraft grade stainless steel blanks and heat-treated to R/C 40 for maximum service life. Critical manufacturing tolerances are held to less than .0005" (one half thousandth of an inch!).

To give you phenomenal accuracy, extreme care has been taken to assure that the chamber is glass smooth and perfectly concentric with the bore. In our barrel test fixture we routinely obtain test groups of 1/2" @ 25 yards! Throughout the manufacturing process each barrel undergoes multiple quality-control checks, with a detailed final inspection prior to receiving the Wilson name. You can be sure that if your barrel bears the Wilson name, it's the best there is!

Due to variations in pistol dimensions, installation in some pistols may require very minor material removal which most people can easily do themselves.  Fully supported chamber and conventional, broached rifling is compatible with all bullet materials reducing the risk of dangerous pressure spikes caused by shooting lead bullets in polygonal, factory barrels.

Compatible with all Generations of Glock® handguns.

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Excellent Barrel...!! Very accurate...!!
I bought the WC 647 barrel for my Gen3 Glock 19. What a difference in accuracy this has made..!! Dropped right in with no mods. At 15yds; I was putting bullet hole into bullet hole at the range today using cheap CCI Blazer Brass 124gr. Awesome barrel. I own four other Glocks and will be getting Wilson Combat barrels for them to in the near future...😎
First Glock, First Upgrade
I wanted a barrel for EDC and target shooting. The standard rifling seems to work well, I was able to hit multiple rounds at 2" groups from 10 yards as a first time shooter with my Glock 45. The main reason I bought this barrel is upgraded accuracy and superior fit and and finish. I'm a minimalist when it comes to carry guns, and I appreciate the no frills WC logo on the barrel chamfer. It seems Wilson puts a lot of love into everything they make and I am happy to support an American company. In a world of many Glock aftermarket manufacturers, I trust Wilson Combat to protect my life and loved ones.
Perfect fit
Barrel dropped in as expected. Tight fit, good lockup in the Glock19 Gen 5. I cannot wait to get out to the range and see how the barrel performs. From past experience with Wilson Combat parts, I'm sure the performance will be better than expected. Highly recommend Wilson Combat
Barrel dropped in and fit perfectly in two G19's I use for training. Chamber area is tighter than both Glock barrels for sure. Group size during first time out shooting various drills was reduced significantly. It is obvious the gun can certainly shoot better than I with this new barrel. Definitely getting a second for the other G19. What about a match grade non full fit for a G26?
Vastly improved accuracy
I must have been lucky. My son got this for me for Christmas and it dropped into my Glock 19 Gen 5 without any fitting required. At the range my groups tightend up significantly. For nayone who uses a Glock 19 for competition I highly recommend this upgrade.
Great fit and improved accuracy by 25% or better
Wilson Glock barrel
Best ever, dropped right in. One inch group at 50 feet. Awesome. Would surely buy again. 10 stars if possible.
top shelf
minor fitting with jeweler file and i am very pleased, looks good in the 19 and groups much better for me....would def buy it again
Well made
Ran 250 rounds through with no issues. The barrel likes my 124gr HP reloads. Glad I made this purchase. If you want the best, buy the best.
Installed this barrel in my wifes Glock 19 carry gun quickly and easily with no problems. Results: outstanding accuracy, outstanding reliability. Win-Win situation! I will stick with my Wilson 1911 pistols but for her this is the right gun and this barrel makes it even better. I still worry when she is out alone but know that she is better prepared to defend herself if necessary.
This was the best thing Ive converted for any of my Glocks. Ive had Lonewolf and KKM barrels. I really did not notice big difference from OEM. All I can say is, this Wilson barrel was a very noticeable difference in accuracy. I just wish I could say it was me that made the difference.
Holy Cow! What an amazing upgrade!
Wow, I cant tell you how amazing these upgrade Glock barrels are. I purchased one for the 19 and the 17. They are incredible!! The improved accuracy is significant and tangible. Yes, they look a little plain compared to some other aftermarket barrels but dont let that stop you from buying them. I would love to see these fluted, flush cut reverse crown, Ti Ni coated or some weight reducing milling. Of course that would increase cost but I would be willing to pay for it. That being said, these, although plain looking, are still freaking awesome! You can always count on Wilson for their superior products. Thank you Wilson Combat.
Ok I was a bit reluctant at first that a drop in barrel of any maker would improve accuracy. But, I wanted to give it a try based on the reviews. Wilson Combat was the brand I chose because I own a few of their 1911s and those pistols are incredibly reliable and accurate. So I decided to purchase the match grade barrel for my Glock 17 and 19. At first I thought that the barrels looked a bit plain compared to some of the other brands with more fancy milling. But my purpose was better accuracy not for looks. After a few days, the barrels arrived. I quickly installed them with only a little bit of filing on the Glock 17 barrel where the top of the chamber makes contact with the slide. No problem. Its time for the range and the moment of truth. At ten yards my first shot almost hit bullseye. The second was half in and half out of the first shot! Damn, I couldnt believe it. The next few shots were all within a 2 grouping. Ive never had this kind of results with my stock barrel no matter how hard I try. I shot for the next hour switching between the 17 and the 19 going through 200 rounds with a huge smile on my face. I had no issues whatsoever. Needless to say I am extremely happy with the upgrade. And, of course, I had to write this review to let people know that these barrels are a must upgrade if youre looking for something to improve your accuracy without spending a huge amount of money sending your pistol in for custom work. Thank you Wilson Combat!!
Wilson Combat match grade barrel rocks for Glock!
Wilson Combat is just amazing. I just dropped this barrel right into my Glock 19 and it ate every round I fed into it. Being an average shooter, Id swear my accuracy improved! Its hard to improve a Glock, but this is one way you can!
Wilson match-grade Glock barrel
All I can say is: Wow! My Glock 19 Gen 4 was pretty accurate already, so I wasnt sure how much a Wilson replacement barrel would affect it. Its unbelievable! So accurate now that I actually put adjustable sights on it so I could shoot through the same hole in the target at 15 yards. Well done, Wilson Combat!
great upgrade
This barrel works MUCH better than stock, WAY,WAY more accurate. May need to have the chamber opened up a bit to chamber all of your cartridges.
Instant results in improved accuracy
Received the WC match barrel today for my Glock 19, nice finish, dropped it in and noted the great snug fit, and headed for the range. At 25 yards, with a variety of ammo tested the average improvement in group size was 13%. It was very clear it yields a measureable accuracy improvement over a stock Glock barrel.
Great decision!
Received the barrel, dropped it in and took it to the range. 2 inch tighter pattern right out of the box.
Like a different gun
This is my 2nd Glock barrel from Wilsons. I also have one in my Glock 21. My 19 shoots so much better it is like I bought another gun. Installed it myself with no problems. I would recommend Wilson barrels for any gun you have that doesnt have a Match grade barrel in it. Worth the money for sure!
After I got the barrel fitted, I couldnt wait to get it to the range. It was a good day at the range. My Glock now shoots better than I do. You cant go wrong with this barrel. It makes a great gun awesome.
Fit my 19 with no problems. Makes everyone at the range stop so they can have a look at what I am using. Awesome product.
Stainless is the way to go
I decided to buy this barrel and I felt I made a great choice by going with Wilson. The quality of the barrel is great and the look of the barrel makes my Glock 19 look unique
No no Mr. Bean!
I put a Wilson barrel in my G17 and now the frikkin thing shoots almost as good as my XTac! Minor filing and about 8 minutes to install in my pistol.