Match Grade Barrel, 5.56 NATO, Recon SR Tactical, 14.7", 1-7 Twist, Stainless

Match Grade Barrel, 5.56 NATO, Recon SR Tactical, 14.7
Item Number: TR-556RCMG14RT7
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Nearly two decades of building the finest custom tactical AR-15 rifles have given us the insight to develop a comprehensive line of stainless steel, match grade barrels that offer superior accuracy, reliability and longevity for your next custom AR rifle project.

All Wilson Combat Match Grade AR-15 barrels are precisely crafted of the finest American-made 416R rifle rated steel on computer controlled equipment to our exacting list of technical specifications. These proven barrels feature a hand-polished bore and feedramps and then complete a rigorous final inspection process that ensures your new barrel will meet your most demanding expectations. All barrels feature crisp CNC markings, precision muzzle crown and a chamber and gas port optimized for reliability. 

5.56 NATO

5.56 NATO was developed in the United States and initially chambered in the M16 rifle. It is the standard cartridge for NATO forces as well as many non-NATO countries. It is derived from, but not identical to, the .223 Remington cartridge. We use a NATO, mil-spec chamber in our barrels that is reliable and safe to fire both 5.56 and .223 Remington rounds. This common and easy-to shoot cartridge is ideal for defense, training and small-medium game hunting.

The Recon SR (Suppressor Ready) barrel is the ideal package for a tactical shooter who wants precision accuracy in a short package. The Recon SR 14.7” medium weight barrel is ideal for a high rate of fire and features larger than standard 5/8”-24 tpi threads for secure flash hider/suppressor attachment pinning.

Note: The Recon SR barrel muzzle is machined with 5/8-24” threads regardless of caliber selected.  This allows for a thicker muzzle area in 5.56 caliber that has extra barrel material for safely welding or pinning on a flash hider/suppressor attachment to bring the barrel over the 16” legal length when assembled.

Note:When assembled into a Short Barreled Rifle, all NFA rules apply.
Q: May a FFL or an individual legally possess the parts to manufacture an SBR or SBS as long as no firearms are actually assembled?
A FFL (Type-7 or Type-10) who pays the Special Occupational Tax (SOT) may possess parts required to assemble NFA firearms. A non-licensee or FFL who has not paid the SOT is required to register any NFA firearm via an ATF Form 1 (5320.1) prior to acquisition of the parts required to assemble such a firearm.


 Chamber  5.56 NATO
 Feed Ramps  M4 Style
 Finish  Matte Bead-Blasted Stainless
 Gas Block Seat  .750" Diameter by .920" Length - Dimpled for Set Screw
 Gas System  Mid-Length
 Length  14.7"
 Material  Stainless Steel, Type 416R, Barrel Grade
 Muzzle Threads  5/8" x 24
 Profile  Recon SR Tactical - Suppressor Ready
 Rifling  1:7, RH, Six Groove, Precision Button Rifling
 Weight  33 oz.


NOTE: This barrel is machined with 5/8”-24 threads at the muzzle-this allows for a thicker bore diameter than standard ˝”-28 threads. This will ensure that your suppressor has perfect bore alignment and will enhance permanent muzzle device pinning/welding.  We have found no performance differences between using a .30 cal muzzle brake/flash hider with 5/8-24 threads on a 5.56 barrel and that is what we suggest.


1:8 Twist: Match or hunting bullets in the 68gr - 80gr range

NOTE: Use in conjunction with Lo-Profile Gas Block for best reliability.


  TR-556RCMG14RT7 Schematic

  5.56 NATO Test Target

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