Match Grade Barrel, 300 HAM'R, Tactical Hunter, 18", 1-15 Twist, Stainless

Match Grade Barrel, 300 HAM'R, Tactical Hunter, 18
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All Wilson Combat Match Grade AR-15 barrels are precisely crafted of the finest American-made 416R rifle rated steel on computer controlled equipment to our exacting list of technical specifications. These proven barrels feature a hand-polished bore and feedramps and then complete a rigorous final inspection process that ensures your new barrel will meet your most demanding expectations. All barrels feature crisp CNC markings, precision muzzle crown and a chamber and gas port optimized for reliability.


The Tactical Hunter is the ideal large bore AR for hunting or general tactical and defensive use.  The threaded, match-grade button rifled barrel is tuned for suppressed or non-suppressed shooting.

300 HAM'R

  • The 300 HAM'R was developed for optimal terminal performance in a standard AR rifle - and offers near .308 Winchester effectiveness while exceeding the ballistics of the famous 30-30 rifle - the most popular hunting cartridge of all time.
  • The 300 HAM'R cartridge has 18% more retained velocity, 40% more energy and a 56% flatter trajectory than the 300 BLACKOUT at 200 yards!  The 300 HAM'R has amazing accuracy and low recoil in a lightweight, compact standard AR platform rifle that uses a standard 5.56 Bolt.  We recommend a 300 Blackout magazine for best overall reliablilty.  Ammuntion and reloading dies/info is available from Wilson Combat.



  Chamber   300 HAM'R
  Feed Ramps   M4 Style
  Finish   Matte Bead-Blasted Stainless
  Gas Block Steat   .750" Diameter by .920 Length - Dimpled for Set Screw
  Gas System   Intermediate Length
  Length   18"
  Material   Stainless Steel, Type 416R, Barrel Grade
  Muzzle Threads   5/8 x 24
  Profile   Tactical Hunter
  Rifling   1:15, RH, Six Grove, Precision Button Rifling
  Weight   30 oz

Use in Conjunction with the Lo-Profile gas block for best reliability.

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  TR-300HTHIG18RT15 Schematics

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Quality where it matters 1/14/2020
Building an accurate rifle was easy using the quality barrel from Wilson Combat. This is my 3rd rifle build using a barrel from this site and I can't understand why I took so long to just buy quality and be done with it.
- Carl, TX
Superb 10/17/2019
I have the 130 gr HC / CFEBLK at 27.5 gr running about 2530 ave and printing .75 inch to 1.00 inch groups at 100 yards in light to moderate winds. This is a wonderful new addition to my trigger therapy sessions.
- S Vagts, WA
HAMR Time 3/10/2019
Finally had the chance to try out my 300 hamr. Cleaning after each shot for the first five shots it was time to see how it grouped. First five shot group with Speer 130 gr hollow points measured 1 1/4 inch cleaned again and then 130 gr Speer hot core went into 1 1/2 inches cleaned again and shot a 3 shot group that measured .363 with the 130 gr hollow point to say Im happy is an understatement so give the 300 Hamr a try you wont be disappointed !!
- Jerry Crisp, KY
Well done! 11/24/2018
I saw a few reviews and comments out there of the typical cynics - why are so many gun people so negative and harshly opinionated? I like new ideas and since building ARs is a hobby - I enjoy building, working up loads and testing some less than mainstream cartridges so I was excited to see the announcement on the 300 HamR. This is great barrel and a great new cartridge. With minimal load work-up on a 130gr HP I was shooting .75 MOA at 100 yards and ringing my 6 inch gong at 350 yards with ease. Cant wait to try some of the 125gr TNTs. I still have many other powder/bullet combos to test. With a suppressor and almost complete lack of recoil I will be using it as my kid-friendly pig gun for taking down the hog populations. Already took a couple out and a head shot with that 130gr bullet and they drop straight down.
- James, TX