Match Grade Barrel, 300 AAC Blackout, SBR Tactical, 8", 1-7 Twist, Stainless

Match Grade Barrel, 300 AAC Blackout, SBR Tactical, 8
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All Wilson Combat Match Grade AR-15 barrels are precisely crafted of the finest American-made 416R rifle rated steel on computer controlled equipment to our exacting list of technical specifications. These proven barrels feature a hand-polished bore and feedramps and then complete a rigorous final inspection process that ensures your new barrel will meet your most demanding expectations. All barrels feature crisp CNC markings, precision muzzle crown and a chamber and gas port optimized for reliability. 

300 AAC Blackout

The 300 Blackout (300 BLK) was designed by Remington/AAC to create a reliable, compact .30 caliber round for the AR platform that uses a standard bolt and magazine. 300 Blackout is optimized for suppressed fire with heavy bullet subsonic loads but can also be used with supersonic ammunition when extra range is needed. The 1-7” twist will work well for subsonic and supersonic loadings alike and there is typically no need for an adjustable gas block when switching back and forth between the two loadings.

Wilson Combat SBR Tactical Profile Barrels

Tuned for outstanding reliability, the Wilson Combat SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) Tactical is our smallest Custom High Performance AR rifle barrel.  Highly portable and hard hitting, the SBR Tactical upper will transform your registered lower into a superior carbine for close quarters operation. Medium taper is ideal for high rates of sustained fire.  You will love how quickly and easily the SBR Tactical balances and shoots. 

NOTE:  When assembled into a Short Barreled Rifle, all NFA rules apply.


 Chamber  300 AAC Blackout
 Feed Ramps  M4 Style
 Finish  Matte Bead-Blasted Stainless
 Gas Block Seat  .750" Diameter by .920" Length - Dimpled for Set Screw
 Gas System  Pistol Length
 Length  8"
 Material  Stainless Steel, Type 416R, Barrel Grade
 Muzzle Threads  5/8" x 24
 Profile  SBR Tactical
 Rifling  1:7, Precision Button Rifling
 Weight  17 oz.

Use in Conjunction with the Lo-Profile Gas Block for best reliability.

Get your new barrel in your favorite Armor-Tuff® color with our Armor-Tuff® Barrel Upgrade

Wilson Combat AR Barrel Service Policy
Because of the nature of the AR parts business and varying pressures of commercially available ammunition, Wilson Combat cannot guarantee function with a Wilson Combat AR barrel in your firearm build using core parts other than Wilson Combat branded parts (barrel, gas block/tube, bolt carrier group).

If you assemble a firearm with a Wilson Combat AR barrel and it fails to function, you first need to check the fit of the barrel to the gas block and the overall condition of your rifle’s gas system/bolt carrier group to ensure your system isn’t leaking gas. As buffers and springs play a role in overall reliability, the use of an aftermarket style buffer system is not recommended. When using an adjustable gas block, reliability is only guaranteed at the fully open setting without any gas port constriction. If you would like our gunsmiths to troubleshoot your AR build using a Wilson Combat barrel, Wilson Combat Custom Shop rates for troubleshooting will apply. (see below)

If you return a barrel for accuracy issues and we determine the barrel shoots within our specifications, Wilson Combat Custom Shop rates for troubleshooting will apply. If you return a barrel for possible headspace issues and upon inspection, the barrel is found to be within Wilson Combat specifications, Wilson Combat Custom Shop rates for troubleshooting will apply. (see below)

NOTE: Always have a competent gunsmith/armorer assemble your upper and headspace your barrel before first use.

Wilson Combat Custom Shop Troubleshooting Rates:
$75.00 per hour labor charge
$50.00 headspace verification
$1.00 per round test fire

Shipping to Wilson Combat for service is the responsibility of the consumer. If your Wilson Combat components are identified to be out of specification in any way, service and return shipping will be covered under our service policy. However, if the Wilson Combat components are found to be within specification return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.

(Note From ATF Website)

Q: May a FFL or an individual legally possess the parts to manufacture an SBR or SBS as long as no firearms are actually assembled?

A: FFL (Type-7 or Type-10) who pays the Special Occupational Tax (SOT) may possess parts required to assemble NFA firearms. A non-licensee or FFL who has not paid the SOT is required to register any NFA firearm via an ATF Form 1 (5320.1) prior to acquisition of the parts required to assemble such firearm.

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First Pistol build and first ever using Wilson’s products. The fit and finish is amazing. I paired the barrel with their Low-Mass BCG. The two worked in perfect harmony. No cycle issues, ate it up and spit it out. I finally was able to make it to the range today and was just amazed. Glad I went with this set up.
Incredible Accuracy
The fit and finish is remarkable and the accuracy is stunning. I cannot speak enough to the quality and craftsmanship that went into this.
blown away
I put the 8in 300blk in a pistol build soon to be sbr suppressed. Unsuppressed shooting hornady American gunner 125gr hpbt, I was able to shoot 1in groups at ~105 yards from a rest with a scope for testing. There was about a 3-5in drop from 50 to 100 yards but consistent 1in groups at 100 yards! my 16 wilson 556 barrel wont do that as consistently so Im over here scratching my head, very impressed and blown away.
Excellent SBR/Pistol barrel
Purchased this 8 300 Blackout barrel for a suppressed AR15 pistol build. I had Wilson add the Grey Tuff Armor cerakote. The barrel looks and shoots phenomenal. High quality was easy to find in the finish, fit to the receiver, rifling, threads, logo, feed ramps, and range accuracy. I was impressed to receive the barrel in such a timely manner even with cerakote being added and shipping over the holidays. Not to mention, picked it up during the end of year sale for about $50 off. Will happily buy another Wilson barrel for my next project 6mm AR.

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