Magazine Catch Lock, Stainless

Magazine Catch Lock, Stainless
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These 1911 Auto parts meet or exceed factory specifications. If you're building a gun, or wish to bring your gun back to spec., these parts will provide exceptional service.


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Sick and tired of fighting that hex key 3/4/2016
My mag release on my 1911 had one of those tiny hex heads on the catch lock th that stripped out somewhat. It was a chore to get my trigger out during deep cleanings and such. Was happy to see Mr Wilson offered a fix for that issue. Installing this part was no problem..but there was a minor issue with a lil bit of casting roughness that caused a gritty feel when dropping the mag. Popped it out and with a few strokes with a fine 5 inch file I solved that problem. Perhaps I should only give 4 stars to this item but... heck.. you cant expect to just drop in every part on 1911. Im tickled to death I got this fixed finally.. hence Im going 5 stars...
- Chuck, NC
sig 1911 tacops 8/17/2013
installed this with WC bulletproof mag release with a light weight spring and it works flawlessly..
- elias, NY
Very rough... 1/10/2012
Needed some filing and polishing. The verdict is still not in, and my factory screw catch is back in because it is much smoother. I will contact Wilsons and see what there recommendation is. I am sure they will take care of me.