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Mag Coupler, AR Style Magazines

Mag Coupler, AR Style Magazines
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The Mag Coupler is designed to provide operators with the ability to quickly and efficiently reload thier rifles with a second magazine without compromising the reliablity of the weapon. Other devices that clamp or strap magazines together do not insure that the proper staggering of the magazines will be maintained, nor do they protect the top round from the extra magazine from being dislodged forward during combat use. Both of these problems can cause malfunctions that would negate the advantage of having the spare magazine attached to the primary magazine. The Mag Coupler uses fixed standoff points molded into the carrier to prevent the magazines from moving the relative to each other. The strong molded Nylon case uses three bolt-through connectors to insure and the magazines are loced in place, even after repeated aggressive loadings or dropping of the magazines to the ground. The Top Round Protector is used to prevent the top round in the extra, unprotected magazine, from being unintentionally dislodged forward of the front edge of the magazine due to the firing of the weapon.


  • Ensures a quick and efficient reloaded with a second magazine.
  • Curved lower surface allows for use as a monopod for long range target acquisition.
  • Smooth rounded front and rear surfaces are very useful in the sitting position, and allows the user to pull the magazines in tight against the leg for a comforable accurate shot.
  • Ensures proper staggering of the magazines that strap coupling systems cannot provide.
  • Top round protector keeps the top round of the spare magazine in the proper position.
  • Maintains magazine and top round position, even if dropped.
  • Supports magazine floor plates from damage.


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Best Mag Coupler to Date 11/8/2010
I purchased this after trying several other brands and models. Several of the others broke or bent upon dropping the mags for a speed reload. Others wouldnt hold the magazine tight enough without flexing the magazine and causing feed issues. This coupler is very well made and has held up to several tactical rifle courses. Additionally, it has a magazine cover that slides in, similar to the way a round would. Using the supplied flex-band, a simple down-and-forward method releases the cover and it snaps off, allowing split-second reload. Excellent product and I will be buying several more before my rifle accessory collection is complete.
- Scott Dennison, AZ

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