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Introducing the Wilson Combat QComp-The “Quiet” AR Muzzle Brake

The Wilson Combat Q-Comp has been designed by our compensator experts to greatly enhance recoil control in rapid fire without the harsh blast and flash that other AR-15 muzzle devices exhibit. 

The Q-Comp is a hybrid AR-15 brake/compensator that has been tuned to minimize side-blast and concussion compared to other muzzle devices on the market. This exclusive Wilson Combat design displays almost zero muzzle flash yet retains excellent vertical and rearward recoil reduction with all calibers.

The slotted expansion chamber design of the Q-Comp has no prongs or tines to break off or snag and is Melonite QPQ coated alloy steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The Q-Comp is easily installed on your AR rifle using the included crush washer.

“We have met our goal of development with the Q-Comp design with exceptional recoil control without the excess noise, flash and concussion common to most rifle muzzle brake designs. The Q-Comp will really enhance your tactical rifle shooting experience.”   -Bill Wilson, President of Wilson Combat.


1/2" x 28  (5.56/.223)     

5/8" x 24  (6.8, 300, .308, .338, .350)     

11/16" x 24 (.458 SOCOM)



Hardened 4140                                   


5/8"X24 TPI






2.6 oz.


Melonite QPQ 

Bore Diameter



To install the Q-Comp

Secure your AR Barrel in a padded vise or use a tool like the Reaction Rod that supports the upper receiver to prevent damage when torquing your muzzle device.

Remove the old device and discard the old crush washer. Test your Q-comp for a good fit on your threads. Install the supplied crush washer with the cupped side of the washer against the barrel shank so the flat side will be against the rear of the comp.

Screw on the comp using a smooth jawed wrench (13/16" or a 21mm crowfoot attachment) being careful not to torque over approximately 20 ft pounds of pressure. If you are unable to properly index the Q-comp you may need to remove material from the crush washer or crush the washer in a vise to allow more indexing.

The ports should be oriented and centered at the top of the barrel looking down with the writing centered on the underside-the ports direct the gas upward to force the muzzle down-if you install it with the ports pointing down it will push the muzzle up.

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Great addition
I added this to my 7.62x39 ar15 and it drastically reduced recoil. Also decreased the decibels by a good amount... but that may be due to the original, super cheap, muzzle device that was on it. I'm impressed and will order one for all my future builds.
Great Poduct
I installed this device on my 300 aac blackout. What a great compliment to my new AR upper build. I really trust Wilson products.
Does just what it says!
I added the Q Comp to my 7.62x39 AR this weekend. The first few shots were indoors by myself so I could not tell if I had any side blast, but noticed reduced recoil from the A2. Then today my son sat next to me as we hit a plate down range at an outdoor range. I asked about side blast, he said he didnt notice any, as he fired I noticed the same. The comp on my 556 was nicknamed the hair dryer. I would put this comp against any out there. Well Done WC. The QComp will be going on all my rifles.