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A Wilson Combat checkered mainspring housing is a great way to improve the grip and appearance of your 1911 handgun. Our mainspring housings are fully machined from bar stock with real cut checkering. These high quality housings are a drop-in upgrade for handguns with cast or polymer housings and the same parts used in our custom guns.

  • Fully Machined from bar stock carbon steel with real cut checkering
  • Low luster, glass bead blued finish
  • Drop in fit for most full size 1911 handguns
  • Minor fitting may be required in some guns
  • 30 LPI


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Nice Upgrade
I replaced my arched mainspring housing with this one and the grip is improved. Not to mention the quality of the part is excellent and it looks Great. It did require a fair amount of fitting as it was oversized for my Colt Gov.1911. But well worth it. Nice upgrade !
Some fitting required
Installed in a Kimber 10mm Eclipse. Very tight fit with the beavertail. Need some minor fitting and polishing. Excellent MSH.
Drop in greatness
I've always heard when it comes to a 1911 you can't go wrong with wilson combat. Well I must say after a youtube video and some careful hands yalls mainspring housing dropped right in without a problem! I love it! Such a great product. I've got a little better grip now and the feel is superb. There will be more purchases to come in the future for sure. Thank you for such great products!
Good stuff
Drop right in my 1911 38 super series 80 and Remington 1911 R1. Good stuff with wilson parts..
Great quality, snug fit
Replacing the PLASTIC main spring housing on an STI with this one went pretty smoothly... I had to spend a bit of time fitting it so that the grip safety could still move and operate smoothly, but a little time with a whetstone and some classic rock on the radio, and everything went together like buttah. The quality on this MSH is great, and the fit is nice and snug... and best of all, its not plastic!!
Very well finished product
I purchased this to replace the ILS on my Springfield. The part had very good checkering and was very easy to fit. Everything was slightly oversized so getting the proper, tight fit was easy! Thanks WC for a quality affordable product.
Purchased this mainspring housing to replace the arched housing on my stainless mil-spec Springfield. I was expecting a good part, but I am amazed at the quality. A perfect fit and feel, and glad I chose the blue, which gives a nice contrast with the stainless frame with black grips. Also, with the arched housing the pistol was shooting high, this solved the problem.
Flawless upgrade
Bought this housing to replace the factory one on my Kimber. Almost a perfect fit, only took a little work to make fit. Would highly recommend this product and any others from Wilson Combat!
Another great part from Wilson Combat
I purchased this MSH to replace the arched MSH on my Norinco. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the housing fit into the Norinco without any fitting or filing. Just drop the guts from your old MSH, and slide this one in place.
With Springfield RO ILS replacement I also just replaced the hammer strut. ILS strut is slightly longer and pre-loads the hammer spring excessively when installed with non-ILS housing.
outstanding !!
Just replaced the ILS housing on my Springfield RO with this one. Required the longer before ILS spring and matching non ILS cap, but the pointy other end cap for the pin retention perfectly fit. Absolutely flawless fit, finish and function. Maybe even better than original. Plus the finer cut on the checkering just plain looks cool. If this is indicative of the rest of the Wilson 1911 parts, I may start buying parts and build me a Wilson 1911 from scratch.
Massive improvement
Just installed this product on my kimber. It took very little fitting about 6-7 smooth file strokes to work properly with the grip safety. I am completely satisfied with this product, for not much cash it improves a kimber greatly.
This Housing Market is Booming!
Wilson mainspring housings are magnificent works of art that will enhance the feel and appearance of any 1911. They are beautifully machined from solid bar stock, the checkering is precise, and they are simple to install. I recently replaced the crappy plastic mainspring housing that came on a friends Kimber, and now it feels more like a real 1911. If you want to seriously improve the performance of your non-Wilson 1911, having a skilled smith install Wilson parts is the only way to go.
An Outstanding Mainspring Housing
A flawlessly manufactured mainspring housing that will slide into the 1911 frame without fitting. The checkering is excellent. The tunnel for the mainspring is bored straight which eliminates binding of the mainspring.