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Our Custom Magazine Well provides a large beveled opening for super fast magazine changes without adding unnecessary bulk to your pistol. These magazine wells are manufactured from solid steel to provide a durable and attractive addition to your firearm. The Custom Magazine Well attaches to the grip screw bushings and is held in place by the grip panels. No frame modification is required. Minor modification to the grip panel is required unless relieved grips are used.

  • Large beveled opening for rapid magazine changes
  • Solid steel construction
  • Modification to grip panels required


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Beautiful addition but a slight problem.
This mag well is simple to install and very beneficial on mag changes, but this magwell has some issues when using certain mags. They don’t fully engage with the release and just fall out, because there is a small amount of the mag pad that touches the mag well and blocks it from fully inserting. But that is a small issue that can worked around.
Great value and performance
Fitting is much easier than I expected, rubber mallet and 2 minutes dremeling the backside of my grips. My factory mag came with a wide baseplate, and won't seat fully with this installed, but I'm ordering more 47-45FS8B mags anyways. Less fumbling to get a fresh mag in, and for the price even that small improvement is worth every penny.
Excellent value, high quality part, grips cut to fit are available
This part is high quality just like everything else WC makes. My hesitation in purchasing it and installing was around getting the grips to look right. So I called around, and Ed Strange at Wicked Grips was able to cut grips to fit perfectly. I sent them the part, and they did the rest. If you're like me, and don't want your inability the Dremel properly to hold you back, know that there are folks out there to help.
Excellent option
I read others' reviews before placing my order and for those who said they had to beat their Mag Well onto their pistol, let me just say that the fit is perfect and a size-on-size fit will be a little snug. I did, however, notice that there were burrs on the inside of the slots which would have made fitting the Mag Well a bit of a chore. However, removing these small burrs meant only light taps with a plastic mallet was all it needed. Of course, one must relieve the area on the inside of the grips where the Mag Well "ears" will go. This was easily accomplished by drawing the outline of the "ears" on the inside of the grip panels then carefully removing material using a Dremel tool and an Exacto Knife. Just take your time and check your fit frequently and all will come out fine. Mine looks like it came from the manufacturer with this on it and the function is spot on! I am VERY pleased!!
Wonderful Addition
I installed the Magazine Well on my Kimber Ultra Carry II. The magazine well provides a little more length in the grip which helps me grasp the pistol with my large hands, and makes changing magazines a lot easier. The magazine well slipped right in to place with only light tapping with a wooden hammer handle. I previously installed this product on my other two 1911s, and recommend this product highly.
Springfield Loaded - Get your Hammer Ready
Added this to a Springfield Loaded 1911. Two issues for installation. First is the expected modifications you need to make to the underside of the grips to make room for the attachment arms of the mag well. This took some doing and time. Be patient. Next came the fit of the arms over the existing magwell frame. The fit was so tight I had to use a hammer and nylon punch, and had to widen the space that the arms use to grab the grip screw bolts. Taking it off isnt an issue - as long as you have a hammer and punch. With it installed, I didnt noticed much different in magazine loading. Must already have the muscle memory. This will work for now, but Ill be upgrading to a mainspring housing with the magwell attached. Good for now, more difficult to install than I anticipated, not much of an improved shooting experience for the effort.
Ruger SR1911 LWC 9mm
What a great improvement to my mag changes. It took me all of 2 minutes to install this. It fits my frame perfectly and looks like the gun came with it.
On a Para X 1911 LTC
It needed some persuasion from a rubber mallet. Once in, the hooks that latch around the grip-screw bushings were just barely long enough, therefore leaving the top part of the hooks sticking out. Good thing I bought some G-10 grips that were pre-cut to accommodate a magwell. It makes magazine loading markedly easier. I am rounding up from a 4.5-star rating.
Great mag well
I took the grips off put the mag well on put the grips back on my Colt 1911 - Done with no fuss - no muss. Best mag well around and it works great.
Works perfect
I didnt have to do any work to seat the magwell properly. It fit tight against the frame and works perfect with my fullsize SA Mil Spec. Awesome product for a low price.
Great Addition to My Remington 1911R1
Great addition, easy to install an fit great, just had to trim the back side of my grips to make it fit perfect.
Why did I wait?
Fit my carry 1911 exactly as I hoped. Magazine change is quick and simple, I dont even have to look.
Excellent product!
I puchased this for my Desert eagle 1911c and it fit almost prefectly. I just had to tap on it with a soft faced hammer to seat it properly on the frame. So far it hasnt gotten lose from light to heavy loads. In all it is a very good investment.
Great Mag well
This is just what I needed. It was easy to install. I chose to modify the inside of the grip for a perfect flush fit, but the mag well works fine if you choose not to modify the inside of the grip.
Magwell for my Remington R1
I bought this for my Remington R1 Enhanced. It fit really well and snug, with only some filing down with sandpaper of one of the hooks to get it to fit. Looks and fits great and does what its supposed to. Im happy. Someday Ill drop the cash on a WC pistol.
Just got the magwell in today and it fit great. Had no problems installing it. I highly recommend this product.
Sorry I waited so long to install it.
Fit great with just a bit of work to open the curve that fits around the grip screws. Sorry I waited so long to install it.
GREAT product and a must-have accessory
I purchased this for my Colt Series-70 1911. It installed with fitting to the wood grips. I simply traced the outline of the magazine well mounting wings, then removed wood using my Dremel tool. Cleanup was done with a small file set and the grips were remounted without a problem. This took less than 30 minutes at my bench. A word about magazines, though... your flat bottom standard magazines will be hard to seat, as this well adds depth. I had to push these magazines in with my thumb rather than a tap on the heel of my hand. Since I have been converting my magazine collection to all Wilson-47Ds, which have an extended base, my motion will continue to be the same, a tap with the heel of my hand. And my original flat bottom magazines will go up on ebay.
Must have add on!
Fits my Kimber Pro TLE 2 very well. Minimal fitting needed under grips, speeds reloading dramatically. Works flawlessly with 8rd KimPro Tac mags and 10rd Chip McCormick Power mags. Please note Kimber .22 conversion mags require fitting but nothing a dremel cant handle. Great Product!
just plain awesome
I just got my magwell in and with just a little trimming it fit perferctly,gives my kimber a whole new look I absolutely love it, if it works like my other parts that I have purchased from wilson Im sure it will be great.
Didnt fit very well
Tried to install this on my Para-USA GI Expert. Very tight fit and did not seat all the way, left a small gap between the bottom of the pistol and the top of the well. Other wise, a very strong, well made item,
After shooting IDPA/CDP/NV at my local club for 4 matches. I went from the bottom half to placing 1st using this mag well. Thanks again W.C. Team, Great Product!
super snug!!!
Awesome product for Springfield & Kimber.Cant wait to see how much time I shave reloading.Thanx W.C. Team!
Best Quick To Install Accessory!
I have two of these that I use on Springfield Armory 1911s. They were quick and easy to install and greatly improve my reloads. This is an easy and affordable way to add a mag well.
Great Product!
Easily Installed on Kimber 3 in.-The fit was perfect-The quality & craftsmanship was as good as claimed-which rarely happens anymore. Would recommend to anyone looking for a magazine well replacement or add on.