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Wilson Combat Beretta® 92/96 Oversize Checkered Magazine Release

Our oversize Beretta® 92/96 magazine release makes it easy to depress your magazine button under stress. Useful for shooters with all hand sizes. No fitting required on most Beretta models. Minor fitting may be required on some.

  • Allows shooters with all hand sizes to release the magazine with little or no shift in grip.
  • CNC machined from 4140 heat treated steel.
  • Oversize checkered pad.
  • Black Armor Tuff finish.
  • Not ambidextrous, for right hand shooter on left side of pistol.

NOTE: Does not include bushings and spring. Requires re-use of your bushings and spring.


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Excellent upgrade PITA to install
Massive improvement over factory mag release and looks nice on the pistol. The installation will give you fits though. I've done the G conversion, D spring with steel trigger conversion, swapped the sights, etc. This was by far the most frustrating out of everything.
Takes some time to install
I added this part to my M9, getting the old magazine release out was easy, just take off the grips and push on the non release side. Getting the new one in, took a bit of time, there are some good youtube how to videos, but you have to get the magazine spring release tabs, between the slots on the frame. I got it close then took a small screw driver and push on the release tab to push it in, worked better for me than pushing down on it. No filing down the part was needed.
Much easier release
I have medium large hands. This made the release of the magazine much easier. Not sure why this is not on the 92FS from the factory. For sure a nice upgrade for me. Install was relatively easy. I would recommend doing it in a box so you dont lose any parts if the try and fly away.
Happy Once Installed
I love my oversized mag release now that its installed, but installing it was more annoying than it should have been. There was excess metal that I had to file down slightly for it to fit.
Thumbs up on Extended Mag Release
Installed on Beretta 92 Compact following instructional video on YouTube. After figuring out how far the small plungers had to extend on the frame side, installation was relatively easy. Immediately saw an improvement in finding the mag release, highly recommended.
Checkered oversized mag release
I was initially worried this might protrude too much past the grip panel and chaff my finger during firing, Im very happy with this release , is at just the right position to get a firm finger press with middle finger without having to rock the weapon in my hand to do so, I have average size hands, I bought this along with the G10 grips absolutely great combo. I went with the regular grips not the ultra thin.
GreAt Upgrade
This mag release is awesome. One of the best upgrades you can do for your M9. I dont have to chance my grip to drop the mag. Texture is great. Install was easy with no fitting required. I did have to releave the left grip slightly for proper fit and release, but that was five minutes with the dremel.
Great addition to my 92A1
It took a little bit of fitting to get this mag release installed and functioning properly in my 92A1, but a few minutes with a jewlers file, and all was well. Im very happy with the result, as the part looks great and works well.
Wilson Combat Oversize Checkered Steel Magazine Release |
I installed this part on my new Beretta M9. The fit and function is great. The part is easy to install and the ease of use is much better than the factory part. Now I dont change my grip to change magazines. Part is a must for combat shooting.
Great for clones too
I have never really liked the 92 platform, but I recently purchased a Chiappa / Girson 92, which actually fits my hand better for some reason. To personalize this pistol better, I added some G10 grips and an oversized magazine release from Wilson Combat. Although I had to modify my grips a bit, the release was a great drop-in replacement. Wonderful upgrade for the 92 platform.
What a difference. I am impressed with this mag release. I dont have to change position of my hand to release mag. Definately an improvement.
Better than stock
I wanted to upgrade my polymer release on my 92A1, and this seemed like a good part. It does move the button back a bit, and it sits up higher than the original button, which is kind of hard to see in the picture. It does change the point where you need to press to get the magazine to release, which takes some getting used to. If you press to near the far edge of the button, it doesnt quite release the magazine. But the ease of reach and better checkering makes up for the little shortcoming of having to somewhat relearn where to press.
good upgrade
The mag release is certainly oversized to stock original.has nice bite on checkered button. Actually is extended past original position and easier to locate without looking.worth the upgrade.