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Wilson Combat Beretta® 92/96 Extended Checkered Magazine Release

Our extended Beretta® 92/96 magazine release makes it easy to depress your magazine button under stress. Useful for shooters with all hand sizes. No fitting required on most Beretta models. Minor fitting may be required on some.

  • Allows shooters with all hand sizes to release the magazine with little or no shift in grip.
  • CNC machined from 4140 heat treated steel.
  • Extended checkered pad.
  • Black Armor Tuff finish.
  • Ambidextrous, can be installed on right or left side of pistol.

NOTE: Does not include bushings and spring. Requires re-use of your bushings and spring.


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Thumbs up !
My Elite II comes standard with a factory extended mag release button, however the contact surface for your thumb was a bit small uncomfortable, with this WC version it pertrudes just a bit more and the contact surface is much larger than the standard extended Beretta one. This is way more comfortable and looks better with the checkering. It was a bit tricky getting it into the frame but you tube helped and it popped right in. Very pleased with the look and feel and function of this WC extended mag release, so is my thumb !
Nice release needs fitting
Ths style release works great with all types of grips. The Mag release needed minor fitting as its too tight to fit. Some minor light fine filing and i.t popped in. A marked improvement over the stock release.4 out of 5 stars because of the fitment issue.
Good upgrade
I bought this item because I was having to shift my weapon a bit too much during reloads. This magazine release solved that problem. It is big enough that I no longer need to shift my weapon, but small enough to remain unobtrusive. It was a PAIN to install. It did not interfere with my grip panels. The non-button end is a tad sharp when the mag release is pressed - no cuts, just annoying, can probably be solved with a bit of file work. Highly recommended.
Needed some fitting
Installed on a new Beretta with VZ grips. The part fit very tight in the frame and was harder to install than I anticipated. After installing and putting the grips back on, I noticed the release would not work with the right side cut-out on the VZ grips. Ended up trimming the grips and hitting them with a black marker. Works great now.
Needed some filing
I have the WC dirty olive grips for my 92. After installation, mag release would not pass by the right side grip when pressed. Had to file the mag release. Now works great
Nice product
I purchased this release just because I was replacing every polymer part with metal. It was a slight pain to get in the frame, but not real bad. At first it was sticking a bit, but I put a bit of oil on a rag and rubbed up against back of the release thru the mag well. After placing the mag in several times and releasing it the mag release smoothed out. It now functions better than the original mag release. It took a bit of breaking in, but it is an awesome addition to your firearm.
Positive Release
The checkering is not sharp. Re-setting the bushing and springs from the factory mag release was a bit tricky. Some finesse is needed to re-set the mag release into the frame. The extended release works great.