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Loads Pistol Magazines Fast, Protects Fingers and Thumbs

  • Highly Reliable
  • Easy and Quick Loading
  • One Size Fits All, No Spacers or Adjustments
  • Loads All 9mm, .357, 10mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP Magazines
  • Fits Both Single and Double-Stack Pistol Mags of All Manufacturers

Hand-held loader fills standard centerfire pistol magazines quickly and easily, so you spend less range time loading mags and more of it shooting. Smooth, positive operation protects fingers and thumbs while you load hundreds of rounds painlessly-as fast as one round per second. Also lengthens magazine life by reducing wear and tear on feed lips. One size fits all; no inserts, spacers, or adjustments needed to change calibers. Hold the magazine upright with the bottom resting on a solid surface. Place the loader over the top of the mag, press down lightly while squeezing the lever to depress the follower, drop in a round, and work the lever quickly to push it into the mag. Repeat the process until the magazine is full. Constructed from tough, reinforced, black polymer. Locks closed when not in use, so it takes up minimal space in a pocket or range bag. Fits single and double stack 9mm, .357, .40 S&W, 10mm and .45 ACP magazines, plus some .380 ACP mags. Will not load Glock 6-round single stack .45 caliber or Smith & Wesson 7-round single stack 9mm, or magazines with less than 8mm between feed lips.

IMPORTANT NOTE: "All Service and Warranty Issues Must Be Directed To Manufacturer."

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I wear one around my neck, so to speak. Long gone are sore thumbs, especially when putting 250 break-in rounds through one of my buddys new guns. The small lanyard loop is a great idea, too - wish they would add it to the baby Uplula for .380s.
UpLULA universal pistol mag. loader
Nice product! Well made. Its by far the best magazine loader I have found. One thing I did find out about it is single stack .45 mags. do wobble while loading. If you go to you will find that they make an insert to prevent this.
Well worth the money
My father bought one, I was so impressed I bought one, have used it on small 380acp single stack mags sig238, to double stack 45acp mags sig227, they do make a plate that goes on the bottom to help with single stack mags, I ordered some today they come in a two pack one for myself and one for my father. I have used it on 380, 9mm, and 45acp so far.
Should have bought long time ago
Should have bought the UpLULA a long time ago. It makes it so much easier to load especially when youre loading half a dozen magazines for your Glock.
Outstanding tool
While the Wilson Combat magazine is the easiest I have found to load, the UpLULA Magazine Loader makes it a breeze. I own 14 magazines for my 1911’s. This tool is a tremendous help when loading several hundred rounds. I won’t be without one in my ammo box.