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AR Style Magazine, .350 Legend, 15 Round, Polymer|Lancer L5AWM
During the development process of Wilson Combat AR-15 rifles in .350 Legend, we have determined that a properly modified Lancer AR magazine is the most reliable feeding device for the widest variety of loads.
These Lancer 300 BLK L5AWM magazine have been carefully modified in our shop by cutting a deeper clearance at the front of the magazine body to allow the .350 Legend case to better clear the magazine during the feeding cycle.

  • Lancer 300 BLK L5AWM Magazine modified for best reliability with .350 Legend
  • 15 round capacity with .350 Legend ammunition
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Translucent Polymer Body That is Impact Resistant Through a Wide Range of Temperatures
  • Can Be Dropped Onto the Feed Lips Without Damage
  • Withstands 5' Drop, Fully Loaded Onto Concrete at -40°F and +180°F
  • Withstands 5' Drop, Fully Loaded Dropped with Rifle
  • Body and Component Materials that are Corrosion and Chemical Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Hardened Steel Feed Lips, PTFE Coated for Corrosion
  • Resistance, Permanently Molded Into the Body
  • Body Texture, Contour and Rubber Coated Bottom are Designed to Provide Positive Gripping and Improve Retrieval from Magazine Pouches
  • Body Design Incorporates a Constant Radius Geometry that Facilitates Follower/Spring Travel
  • Easy to Disassemble and Maintain


Note: The following U.S. States have restrictions on high capacity magazines: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C.

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Missing the mark
I have long been a fan of Lancer mags: they work well and are extremely durable. HOWEVER, I've had nothing but trouble with these 350L mags. There's a lot to like about them (transparent & easy to verify count, super durable and strong), but the blessed things won't feed the cartridge into the chamber. I've tried relieving the mouth of the mag as have so many others (most had success), but I still get FTF with the third round and onward almost every single time. I found one YouTube that suggests the problem to be the short-legged follower and I'm considering purchasing some of the Magpul self leveling followers to replace those in this mag, but I believe the price I've paid should have included such a follower already. UGH! I hope that will fix my problem as I firmly believe the 350L to be a great cartridge! I've built several other calibers with great success and the disappointment I'm getting with this just makes me wonder what Wilson Combat was thinking with this magazine.
Best 350 legend mag
First mag I have found for 350 legend that doesn't jam
The magazines that came with my rifle,Dura and CMMG, would not feed flex tip bullets at all. Tried soft nose 50-50. Filed the magazines as suggest on various sites. Not much better. Hand fed FMJ,Soft nose and flex tip rounds with this magazine. Worked perfect. Just fired 10 rounds of each type. NO FTF's!!! Yeah. Finally will go hunting with more than one round in the mag. Usually all you need, but it is nice to know that if needed the rifle will operate as it should. Just ordered 2 more. Thanks Wilson Combat
Missed the mark
Ok so anyone that has built their own 350L ar will tel you that there’s a good chance you’ll have feeding issues. I am one of those. I have built enough to consider myself more then just a novice at this point. And before you question me on the gun the feed ramps are polished, bolt face and extractor are polished, chamber is polished as well. The magazine itself is great and my issue is very basic. There is not cut out at the front of the magazine to properly feed the rounds. The case mouth gets stuck on the lip and causes a jammed round. This is a very common known issue with this round in the ar platform just do some research. I would expect for 25 dollar mag that the clearance would be right. I simply feed some round by hand and they caught, placed them in the mag and cycled them in my gun and they hung up. I fixed this with a razor in about a minute for each mag. And now the mags preform as they should. FWIW I had to grind the CMMG mags as well. 3 stars because Wilson combat is a company that will charge premium prices and there’s zero reason why I should have to modify a product to work once I’ve paid a lot for it. Sad thing is this is a modified product they do not even make. Do yourselves a favor and just cut the lip down 1/8 inch and call it a day.
Buy plenty!
Feeds great and works flawlessly. As others said you can fit a few more in, 17-19 depending on ammo. CMMG and Duramag had some feed issue with 124gr rounds and a few others. These had no problems even with a variety loaded and cycled fine. Had my eye on these for a while, finally purchased 3 and were out of stock the next day, I got Lucky!
I'm not sure exactly how these 300 blk mags are "modified" because whatever they did you cant tell at all . 350 legend works in them, finally a mag that hold more than 10 rounds. I should have ordered more when they were in stock.They stay straight and come out straight. worth every cent.
Best one so far!!
I have tried a few different 350 legend mags and had feeding issues. I even tried to modify a couple myself. I have other Lancer mags for my 300AAC and gave this a try. I wish I had this first. It ran flawlessly. It says 15rd, but it held all 20 and they were eaten up! Thanks Wilson Combat.
No problems so far.
Bought a couple of these for my CMMG resolute upper. I don’t have a ton of rounds through them but they have been 100% for me so far. These mags are not quite as generous as the CMMG steel magazines I have as far as cartridge OAL goes. I reload my own 350 ammo and was loading my rounds to 2.265 COAL. This fit fine in the CMMG magazines with plenty to spare but for these magazines I had to bump my length back to 2.250 and they are pretty tight at that. Not really a problem as it didn’t effect accuracy but it may be something for others to be aware of if they load their own ammo.
Finally, a 350L mag that doesn’t jam!
I got a few 20-round steel mags that jammed like crazy out of the box. Even after dremel work and feed lip modifications, they still were not 100% reliable. These modified Lancer mags work flawlessly right out of the box! I can load 19 rounds into the mag on a closed bolt and expect 100% reliability. These mags will give you 20 rounds in your gun!
Awesome magazine
I can fit 20 rounds in both of my magazine. Had about 500 rounds through them so far.
Great Mag, works with .50 beowulf ammo
I can get 19 with the bolt open, only 18 closed with the 350 Legend. I can also get 7 .50 Beowulf rounds in it as well. I tried only four of them as that is what I had left at the range when I thought about but back at home it manually cycled 7 but would fit 8, it will not feed the first .50 with 8, did with 7.
Loads 18-19 rounds, looks amazing. Great buy.
Works Perfectly
I bought 4 and have about 600 rds through them with zero malfunctions. I have been loading them to 18 rds.
Feeds 18 rounds bolt closed!!!!
Yes finally something more than 10 rounds... This mag says 15 but will load and chamber 18 smoothly!!!!