MAGAZINE, AR-15, 300 BLK/300 HAM'R/7.62X40 WT, 30 ROUND, D&H

MAGAZINE, AR-15, 300 BLK/300 HAM'R/7.62X40 WT, 30 ROUND, D&H
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New D&H Industries 30 round aluminum AR-15 300 Blackout/7.62X40 WT optimized magazines.

These magazines have the internal rib positioned to improve function with a wider variety of projectiles in 300 AAC Blackout and with other .30 caliber AR rounds like 7.62X40 WT.  Because these magazines are based off 5.56 parent magazines they will still feed and function in 5.56 rifles as well.

These quality military grade magazines feature a slick black Teflon finish and Magpul anti-tilt follower.

NOTE: Not available for shipment to: CA, CO, CT, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY or Washington DC and may be restricted in other local jurisdictions. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of and abide by all applicable local laws. Check your local city, county and state laws before ordering.

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Great Product to sell for another Company- Shout about our 2A !
I agree “WILSON COMBAT” has a very great product that they are selling at a very good price point love the magazine works great in my * BCM I AGREE WILSON SHOULD NOT SELL TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES WITH STATES THE INFRINGE ON RESPONSIBLE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS BARRETT DOES THAT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND I LOVE THEM FOR THAT IF OTHER COMPANIES DID THAT THEN LAW AGENCIES WOULD HAVE TO CONSIDER NOT IMPOSING ‘ ON OUR CIVIL RIGHTS AS PUR FOREFATHERS INTENDED’ they did not suggest that we take up Arms and Baer them lightly I know they meant it for when they come knocking to have us surro our firearm just as others have and suffered Like Germans did to Jews Love ur collaboration 1911 with *BCM I GOT IT IN .45 ACP GO WILSON COMBAT HOPE U GUYS DO ANOTHER PROJECT WITH TJEM LOVE UR PRODUCTS AS WELL AS * NCM MY GO TO FOR FIREARMS
300 Blackout FIX for handloaders
I built a 300 blackout upper for my AR15 based on the reviews that state you only need to change the barrel and regular GI magazines work great. That is true but only part of the story. GI mags only work when using factory ammo or handloads with the boutique 300 blackout specific bullets. GI magazines simply would not run with any degree of reliability in my gun. I wanted to use some more available bullets including heavy cast bullets. I have been using some OLD speer 150 grain round nose bullets that would not feed in a GI magazine without any problems in these D&H magazines. they also shoot 223 ammo in my regular ar15 just fine. excellent product. would like to see a 20 rounder soon.
Best mag for 300 AAC Blackout
I have used every mag I can find, from surplus military to P-Mags and have had feeding problems with all of them. Some feed subsonic well but not super sonic and vice versa - its hard to keep track of which mag works well with what load I have. These D&H feed every load I have tried with no issues. Wilson has the best price on them too.
d&h industries
Why are you praising Wilson Combat? These are not made by Wilson nor do they have any affiliation with them. Dummies.
Great Mag!
Once again Wilson Combat has provided another product at a reasonable price during times of price gouging! This magazine loads supersonic and longer subsonics 300 blk loads with out any problems. Would recommend this magazine every 300 blk owner! Thanks again Wilson Combat!!
thank you!
Wilson has announced their no-sale to anti-gun states policy, stating that they will no longer sell to law enforcement in states that restrict law-abiding citizens. I dont need any mags right now, but am going to buy a couple anyway. Thank you, Wilson Combat!
Support the 2nd Amendment
Wilson, You should strongly consider suspending sales of this product to Law Enforcement in states which are enacting laws to restrict constitutional freedoms. ------ NOTE: Not available for shipment to: CA, HI, MA, MD, NJ, NY or Washington DC and may be restricted in other local jurisdictions. It is the customers responsibility to be aware of and abide by all applicable local laws. Law Enforcement agencies in these states may purchase these magazines with a department letterhead purchase order. ----

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