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New Heavy Duty / +P Magazines...
For those who require the Ultimate in standard capacity magazine reliability and longevity

Wilson engineers took our world famous 47-series magazine-the choice of Military and Special Operations forces world wide, and paired it with the longest, toughest spring we could find to create the ideal standard capacity 1911 magazine for serious shooters. The enhanced spring is perfect for high-round count training or those who have selected +P ammunition for their sidearm.

This heavy duty spring easily compensates for the extra slide velocity caused by heavy .45 ACP loadings and resists reliability-robbing fatigue over time. Superior Wilson Combat hardened stainless steel tube geometry in concert with our time-tested, no-tilt Convex nylon follower will improve feeding with almost any bullet profile and ensure last round lockback and enhance last round ejection even after thousands of rounds. The lo-profile steel baseplate easily withstand the rigors of hard, operational or training use. This is the ultimate standard capacity 1911 magazine!

Our legendary magazines are so inherently reliable they'll make virtually ANY 1911 pistol function EVERYTIME, including YOURS!

  • Increases Reliability in ALL 1911 Pistols
  • Aircraft Grade Certified Stainless Steel Tube Resists Corrosion
  • .025" Tube Walls - Thickest In The Industry
  • Tubes are Heat Treated for Maximum Durability and Service Life
  • Fiber-Fill Nylon Self-Lubricating Follower Provides Smooth Round Feeding
  • Maximum Tensile Strength Heavy-Duty Spring for Long Service Life, Enhanced Feeding and Positive Slide Stop Operation
  • Removable Lo-Profile Steel Base Pad for Easy Maintenance and Versatility with Different Base Pad Options
  • No Other Magazine on the Market Can Compare for Proven Inherent Reliability, Durability and the Ability to Remain Loaded for Long Periods of Time Without Damage.
  • No-Risk Service Policy - If It Breaks from Normal Use, We Replace It!

Wilson Combat® has been supplying serious shooters and professionals with the worlds' most reliable and durable .45 auto magazines for the past 30 years. They are used by the worlds' most Elite U.S. Army SPEC OPS unit, FBI SWAT, Thunder Ranch and professionals worldwide. NO other .45 magazine on the market can compare for proven inherent reliability, durability and the ability to remain fully loaded for long periods of time without damage. Our magazine springs are specially fabricated from the highest tensile strength heavy duty spring wire for long service life enhanced feeding and positive slide stop operations. Our magazine bodies are manufactured from .027" (the thickest in the industry) aircraft grade certified 17-7 PH stainless steel and heat treated for maximum durability and service life. Our dimensional tolerances are held so close that you will never encounter a Wilson magazine that doesn't drop free from your pistol or that your rounds are tight inside the tube as long as your pistol and ammo are close to proper specifications.

"Back in 1980, Bill Wilson asked me to test some of his new Wilson-Rogers .45 magazines. He explained that he felt they had solved the problem of cracked feed lips and that their new magazines fed much more reliably than any others on the market. Well, it's 30 years later now and I'm still using some of those original 6 prototype magazines that Bill sent me… Through the years they have proven without a doubt to be the most reliable and durable 1911 magazines on the market. I have personally used specimens from various production runs through the years and have yet to see any quality variation or have one let me down in any way. They are my first and only choice as well as the choice of the elite special forces units I train. I trust my life to a Wilson Combat® pistol and 8-round Wilson magazines; so can you…"
Ken Hackathorn- Tactical Shooting Instructor, Gun Writer, IPSC & IDPA Founder

Disassembly / Maintenance Instructions

Our magazine tubes have a lifetime satisfaction policy. Wilson Combat will replace any magazine tube that spreads, cracks or becomes unusable during normal use. Wilson Combat magazine springs and followers are considered consumable items and may require replacing after extensive use. Polymer baseplates can break if you drop a loaded magazine on a hard surface. We recommend metal baseplates for hard use.

47C-HV Test & Evaluation


Spreadsheet of Magazine Compatibility by Brand

Wondering which of our magazines will fit your gun? Click here to view our magazine compatibility document.

We have 2 basic sizes of 1911 magazines- Full Size and Compact.

Full Size Magazines
Full size is the traditional USGI 1911 frame size. Most 1911 pistols are "full size". This includes all of our Full Size models listed here in addition to most standard, 5" and Commander length 1911 pistols.

Full size grips have a measurement of 3.0625" of center-to-center between the grip screws.

Compact Magazines
Compact denotes a smaller frame similar in size to Wilson Compact, Colt Officers ACP or Kimber Compact / Ultra Series. This includes all of our Compact models listed here in addition to most standard Officer's length 1911 pistols.

Compact grips have a measurement of 2.6875" center to center.


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Basepad Guide

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Most Reliable 1911 Mag on the market!
After trying my stock mag, other locally available, other wilson combat mags ( no offense), this 7 round / steel basepad hd/+p mag - I'm 100% sold on the hype from Wilson Combat 1911 mags. Prior to this purchase, I've always had occasional feeding issues with my admittedly relatively new 1911. After putting the HD/+P 7 round mag to the test, I have not had a single feed/cycle issue. If you're considering the first upgrade for your 1911, this is the only answer. You won't be disappointed. Reliability improved 100% . Thank you to Wilson Combat, for ensuring every 45 ACP 1911 enthusiast gets the Reliability they deserve out of their chosen firearms for whatever purpose they've chosen this platform for.
If you have an older mis-feeding 1911 dont despair !!!
Im a senior citizen and have only one 1911 which is an old Argentinian Colt. I had the barrel re-throated for hollow points and SWCs and it was very hit and miss in feeding with the original magazine even though it was in good shape. Bought one of these mags to try out and WOW !! A total difference in reliability which is now 100% with zero FTFs or FTEs with everything Ive thrown at it. Moral: you get what you pay for and in this case more than I paid for. Effectively I got a new gun that I can depend upon. Excellent fast service from Wilson. And yes, I will buy more as funds permit! Thank you Wilson Combat!
Tough as a USMC Drill Instructor
To make a long story short, I put this magazine through a series of torture tests to see if I could either break it or make it stop functioning. Its as tough as a USMC drill instructor. It functions magnificently with heavy +P 45acp loads. Itll eat them up all day long and ask for more. If you shoot a lot of +P ammo, youll love this magazine - its made just for you.
Legendary Magazine #47C-HV
Just received three more of these HD+P magazines. I only use 7-round magazines for self-defense/concealed carry. Tried this model a couple years ago;and,have had absolutely no problems with feeding any of my 1911s using them. They are the most durable,strong,dependable magazine I have ever used. These are my go to magazines for extreme reliability and peace of mind.
Better than Colt Magazine
My Colt Combat Commander was purchased new by me in the 1980’s. I picked up an assitional inexpensive magazine for it at that time. The backup was not as good as the original, but neither compares to the Wilsons I just purchased. The Wilsons are just better.
This highly customized Kimber SS Pro Carry N.T.F.T. w/ Robar black slide and NP3 slide sat on a shelf for 12 years. I just finished the new NRA Defensive Pistol Module with a 330/340 and did not have one FTF/FTE issue. I have been running this gun in IDPA, CCW practice and Combat practice at various clubs and can not recall one problem in the 6 months I have been using 8 of these magazines. Wilson mags turned my Kimber into a reliable carry option. They work flawlessly with my 780fps reloads or my carry ammo. This was an update to my other posts to let you know they still work and I am still happy with them. Thank You Wilson!
HD/+P, Full-Size, 7 Round, Lo-Profile Steel Base Pad
God I love these magazines all other brands have been sold AND I just ordered the springs by phone so I can salvage my 47D. Looks like the same tube and I just ordered the spring for retrofitting the 47D. BTW: extractor issues were solved with wilson bullet-proof extractor. Wish I could afford a wilson but when Im done, what the heck my Kimberll almost be a wilson. :-
Kimber SS Pro Carry 1999 custom
Best magazine I ever used. They work better than the, Kimber, McCormick, Tripp or 47D and are worth the extra cost. I like them better than my Tripp magazines but have fitted the +P with the Tripp follower which has a metal insert on the slide catch. These magazines saved my Kimber custom a trip to Ebay and solved my FTF and FTE problems. My Kimber will be retrofited with Wilson parts in the future. Domo Arigato! Now if I could just find the spings on the web site Id replace all my other 47D magizines with these springs. Other magazines are headed to Ebay.
Works Fabulous in 10mm!
I have been running two of these in my Tactical Elite 10mm. They have performed flawlessly with several different power levels of ammunition and the low profile base pad just disappears in the magwell of the gun making them perfect for carry use. They will hold and function perfectly with 8 rounds of 10mm as well. These should be the perfect companion to a .45/10mm owner.
Wilson Combats 47C-HV Saves Kimber Super Carry Pro HD
I just bought Kimbers brand new Super Carry Pro HD and have over 100 failures to feed in the first 500 rounds. After switching to the 47C-HV with its new follower design and stiffer spring, the FTF issues cleared up immediately. This magazine saved my Super Carry Pro HD from a trip back to the factory and me from a lot of grief. Well done folks!
Ive found a new gold standard!
I tried this magazine out in two guns, my Wilson CQB and my Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special. Rounds fired in each gun were 250 rounds of +P Gold Dots and 250 rounds of regular ball with some SWCs mixed in there for a total of 1,000 rounds fired with this same magazine. There were absolutely NO malfunctions whatsoever. In fact, my Baer had a few hiccups with the Wilson 47-Ds before I dropped a stronger spring in them as its a little pickier with mags than other 1911s Ive owned. Not so with these puppies, theyre good to go from the start. I wont be buying ANYTHING else from here on out when I need a top notch magazine I can depend on. Another stellar product from Wilson Combat! Buy with confidence!
Wilson 47 HD/+P Mag Review
I fired 400 rounds of 230 grain FMJ ammo through just this one magazine. I used ammo I already had at home, but it was not +P. I dont normally shoot +P .45ACP ammo and didnt have any in my inventory. When I received the mag I loaded it to capacity and left it that way until I got to the range a week later. I was curious as to what mechanical differences I might find compared to one of my regular 47D 8-round mags. The mag body appeared identical except the 8-round mag had a small hole drilled below the witness slots. Im guessing this is a way a person or Wilson determines if a magazine is an 7-round mag or an 8-round mag. If it has the hole, its an 8-round mag. If it doesnt, its a 7-round mag. I saw no other differences between the mag bodies otherwise. The HD/+P came with a metal low-profile basepad. This pad also comes standard on the 47C and 47CB magazines. Its about half the height of the 47D polymer basepad. This basepad will work fine with a 1911 with no magwell. As the 1911 I used for this review had a magwell, I had to make an extra effort to push the magazine into place with my fingers instead of using just the palm of my hand. The follower was taller and had a convex rounded top vs. the concave top found on the 47D. The HD/+Ps follower was also taller by approximately .325. I detected very little, if any, front to back rocking of this rather tall follower. For the magazine spring, I counted 16 coils vs. 10 coils for the 47D. The HD/+Ps spring also was approximately 1.9 longer. During this initial evaluation of this magazine, I sometimes loaded my 1911 up to its 7+1 capacity; other times I loaded with 7 rounds in the mag, then chambered a round by dropping the slide, as in during a reload. The magazine performed, without fail, for 400 rounds through my 1911 and my Serbian-made FMJ ammo I use for practice. Im giving this product 5/5 stars at this time and will not hesitate to carry this mag in my gun or on me as one of my spares.
I finally got a chance to test out the new +P mag today. First, I really like the new follower. I have old 47Ds with the flat top concave followers and I like the new one better. Also, the spring is significantly heavier than the old 47Ds. Shot 100 rounds of FMJ and 50 rounds of +P HST and the mag worked normally. What else can you ask for from Wilson Combat!
HD/+ P Best Mags!
I received a package from Wilson Combat early yesterday and knowing it contained the HD/+P mags I was very eager to get to the range. Being in law enforcement and a member of full time tactical team who carries a 1911 for duty Wilson CQB full size rail its very important for me to carry the right equipment for the job! Upon receiving and inspecting the 7 round HD/+45 mag I immediately felt how much stronger the spring in the mag was and how smooth the follower went up the mag due to the stronger spring. I also noticed the lo- profile base pad, very nice. The mag just screamed Quality. I started the day first by first shooting 300 rounds of Winchester white box 230 gr. ball ammo while conducting several drills at the range. No issues what so ever! I then shot another 300 rounds of Federal HST +P 230 gr. ammo while conducting several drills. No issues once again! Then the most important load for me I left for last was 600 rounds of Winchester SXT +P 230 gr. ammo. This ammo is currently carried in my Wilson CQB 1911 for duty and in my Wilson CQB compact for off duty. I began shooting and held my breath!!!! After several hours and 600 rounds later, no issues with the mag!!! Several other members on my team tried the mag and had no issues in their 1911s shooting +P ammo. After two days of shooting and going 1,200+ rounds of ammo in one magazine it was well forth it. Having a 1911 magazine for +P ammo is a huge addition to my equipment list! The magazine functioned flawlessly with everything my team and I gave it! I highly recommend these magazines for anyone who carries +P ammo or needs a very reliable 1911 magazine! Thank YOU WCR and Wilson Combat! Your products are top notch!!!
My New Go-To Mags!
Wilson got it right with these HD/+P 7-round mags. Future mag purchases will definitely be these mags for several reasons. 1. Stronger spring, which positively locks back the slide on the last shot and will provide longer term use 2. Beefier follow, which should preclude premature wear 3. Lower profile basepad provides a significantly shorter profile than 47Ds 4. Full mag inserts easily into a closed slide. This is the magazine that Ive been waiting for Wilson to make. I put significant use on my mags and have seen mag springs wear out and follows wear down to where they will not lock a slide back. These new mags address those issues and should provide long term use and durability. Additionally, the slimmer profile provides increased concealment.
Excellent choice for carry. Buy with confidence.
I took the 7 round +P W/C magazine to the range today. I used it to feed my Colt Commander with the following rounds: a box of 200 gr. Hornady Tap +P, a box of 230 gr. Winchester Bonded PDX1, 50 rounds of standard, 230 gr. FMJ loaded atop 8.1 gr. of HS-6 and two magazines of 185 gr. Hornady XTP atop 7 grs. of W231. As expected the magazine performed flawlessly with my Commander. There was only one FTF and that was with one of my hand-loaded FMJ rounds. Upon further examination, it appeared as though there was a small area of the case mouth that was dinged or perhaps not crimped properly. All factory rounds ran flawless and as an aside, I found that the hand loaded 185gr. Hornady XTP rounds had more snap to them and were more accurate than the commercial 200 gr. Hornady TAP +P rounds that I purchased to test this new magazine. After shooting and getting ready to holster up for the ride home, I loaded the new W/C 47C-HV magazine with my carry rounds and inserted into the Commander. This is a solid magazine and I plan to use it in lieu of Colt factory magazines for off duty carry.
7 Round, Heavy Spring - A Reliable Magazine
These new Wilson HD/+P 7 round mags are a winner. I always use 7 rd. mags in my carry guns for reliability - after all, that is what Browning envisioned. The spring in these is noticeably heavier than in Wilsons standard 7 rounder - and in my other 7s from Checkmate. And of course much stronger than in any 8 round magazine. Reliability is what counts in critical situations - and these magazines will add just that extra bit so one has complete confidence. Of course my Wilson Bobtail Professional helps too.
Designed for speed
These magazines are typical a typical Wilson product: superb design matched with unflinching quality. Magazine really looks like it was built for the +p round: slim line base pad, sleek follower and strong spring - looks like a sprinter - this is not just marketing hype. 50 rounds of +p Ranger ammo made me a believer - my carry gun will only have these mags. Buy with confidence!
Great mag
Excellent quality mag, functions perfect!

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