Lo-Profile® Holster, Officer's 1911, Left Hand, 1.5" Belt, Black Elephant

Lo-Profile® Holster, Officer's 1911, Left Hand, 1.5
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Detailed Description

The Lo-Profile® holster is designed for the person that carries all day long and demands maximum comfort and concealability.

  • Designed For All Day Carry, Maximum Comfort And Concealability

  • Pancake Style Design Actually Conforms To The Shape Of Your Waist

  • Two Belt Slot Design Positions The Holster With A Slight Forward Cant

  • Very Smooth Draw From Just About Any Position

  • Low-Cut Front Will Have You Clearing Leather Just Above The Belt Line

  • Custom Formed Safety Guard Protects The Thumb Safety And Your Clothing During Carry

  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

The Lo-Profile® holster is designed for the person that carries all day long and demands maximum comfort and concealability. This holster's pancake style design actually conforms to the shape of the waist, blending its lines to those of the person wearing it. This feature has obvious benefits for concealment, but also helps the holster feel more comfortable with less likelihood of it hanging up on objects or shifting position.

The two-belt slot design positions the holster with a slight forward cant while providing incredible stability. This carry position offers maximum comfort and concealability while allowing a very smooth draw from just about any position. The low-cut front will have you clearing leather just above the belt line. A custom-formed safety guard is incorporated in this design to protect the thumb safety and your clothing during carry. Bill Wilson says: "It's one of the most comfortable holsters I've ever worn." Meets I.D.P.A. holster criteria.

NOTE on Elephant Hide: Elephant hide may possibly be the toughest leather available for holsters and will last a lifetime. It is also quite attractive, with a pronounced ripple and grain pattern that is unique to each holster. All elephant hide used in Wilson Combat custom leather products is legally harvested and imported from areas in Africa where the animal population is closely controlled through government sanctioned hunts. Every part of these elephants is used, nothing goes to waste. We are honored to offer this rare and noble leather to our customers. Supplies are always limited.

Fits The Following Handguns

  • Wilson Combat® Sentinel 1911 - 3.6" Barrel

  • Colt Defender - 3 1/2" Barrel

  • Colt New Agent - 3" Barrel

  • Colt Officer's Model 1911 - 3 1/2" Barrel

  • Kimber Ultra Carry - 3" Barrel

  • Springfield Armory Ultra Compact - 3 1/2" Barrel

  • Springfield Armory Micro Compact - 3" Barrel