Lo-Profile® Holster, Full-Size 1911, Right Hand, 1.5" Belt, Black Leather

Lo-Profile® Holster, Full-Size 1911, Right Hand, 1.5
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Expected on : 12/17/2021

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Detailed Description

  • Designed For All Day Carry, Maximum Comfort And Concealability
  • Pancake Style Design Actually Conforms To The Shape Of Your Waist
  • Two Belt Slot Design Positions The Holster With A Slight Forward Cant
  • Very Smooth Draw From Just About Any Position
  • Low-Cut Front Will Have You Clearing Leather Just Above The Belt Line
  • Custom Formed Safety Guard Protects The Thumb Safety And Your Clothing During Carry
  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

The Lo-Profile® holster is designed for the person that carries all day long and demands maximum comfort and concealability. This holster's pancake style design actually conforms to the shape of the waist, blending its lines to those of the person wearing it. This feature has obvious benefits for concealment, but also helps the holster feel more comfortable with less likelihood of it hanging up on objects or shifting position.

The two-belt slot design positions the holster with a slight forward cant while providing incredible stability. This carry position offers maximum comfort and concealability while allowing a very smooth draw from just about any position. The low-cut front will have you clearing leather just above the belt line. A custom-formed safety guard is incorporated in this design to protect the thumb safety and your clothing during carry. Bill Wilson says: "It's one of the most comfortable holsters I've ever worn." Meets I.D.P.A. holster criteria.

Fits The Following Handguns

  • Full-Size 1911 - 5" Barrel

*Note-hand molded leather holsters are often tight when new and usually require some break-in prior to use.  We recommend letting the gun sit holstered with a heavy plastic freezer bag or wax paper around it. Sitting holstered overnight will usually reduce tension.

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This holster is well made and fits my new Wilson Combat Tactical Elite like a glove. I'm usually a Kydex holster guy but this holster swayed me back to leather. The draw is simply awesome and I love the well thought out sweat shield. It's molded such as to allow you to carry cocked and locked but doesn't interfere with the safety. I highly recommend this holster for your 1911.
Wilson Combat leather. Enough said. It fit my Springfield Armory mil-spec like a hand in a velvet glove. Thank you Wilson Combat for great customer service and for what I believe the best priced 1911 holster on the planet!
Exactly what I wanted!
The description of this holster met the criteria I was looking for. I shoot IDPA for concealed carry training and practice with a full size Kimber Custom II. This holster will work for both. It conceals my Kimeber so well its practically invisible and still allows a fast smooth draw. I received the holster last Friday and it fit me and my gun perfectly right out of the box. It seemed to naturally slide into position along my waist and required little to no break in for my gun. I agree with Bill - it is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn!
Great Holster
Just received this holster for my Govt Model XTac. Very comfortable.
Great Holster
Great fit for my X TAC and extremely comfortable to wear. The only way to improve this holster would be to line it with a soft material such as suede.
Great Holster
Good secure fit for my X TAC and extremely comfortable to wear. The only way to improve this holster would be to line it.
Holster is so good got it a year before I can even carry
Im not legally able to carry until next year but that didnt stop me from getting this holster. It looked amazing online so I took the plunge. Needless to say Im able to comfortably conceal my 5 CQB and Im only 5 foot 8 and 150 pounds. The true test was walking around the kitchen with my mom nearby. She isnt allowed to know that my dad bought me a Wilson and now with this holster I can have my CQB by my side without her ever knowing! Yet another incredible product from Wilson Combat.
Simply the best holster Ive ever used.
Ive used Bianchi leather for years. When I saw the Lo-Profile, I decided I just had to check it out, and Im INCREDIBLY happy that I did. It is, without a doubt, the best OWB concealed carry holster Ive ever had the pleasure to wear. Its sturdy without being heavy. Its snug without causing draw issues. It sets a little higher than I was used to, but some practice to reset the muscle memory took care of that. If you have a 1911, and its your daily carry gun, you NEED this holster.
Great CCW Holster
A few months ago I purchased a Lo-Profile Holster for CCW use. I liked the looks but other than that I had not researched this specific model. Was I pleasantly surprised! It stays where I put it, holds my weapon securely, and is almost invisable under a sweatshirt or light jacket. The inside shield protects the thumb safety while making this holster very comfortable to wear all day long. In my honest opinion it is almost impossible to go wrong with Wilson Combat.
Solid Performance Holster
Been using this holster regularly for about 4 months. Very comfortable, stays where you put it on your belt, and good draw speed with good retention. Recommend without reservation.
Excellent Quality
I bought this holster based on the previous reviewers recommendation. There is one thing that Ill add to his review. The low positioning of the holsters belt slots gives the weapon, when in the holster, a slight top heavy feel. With a good Wilson belt to support the holster and weapon, it is not a problem. So the balance is the only reason I didnt give it a 5 star rating... BTW, I carry a Wilson 1911 daily.
Extremely Comfortable
The body shield on this holster allows me to wear it against my skin without discomfort. It is much more comfortable than holsters I have had in the past that cost 50% more. Lo-Profile is an appropriate name as it easily conceals a full-size 1911 under a t-shirt.

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