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Each component part of the Wilson adjustable sight is precision CNC machined from solid bar stock gun steel, then hardened to provide maximum durability.

  • Smooth Precision 3/16" at 25 yds. Click Adjustment
  • Locks In Your Windage and Elevation Adjustments and Won't Shoot Loose
  • Unique Mounting Design Results in a Clean, Sharp-Looking Installation
  • Requires Simple Cuts and No Dovetails
  • Easily Interchangeable Sight Blade for Multiple Applications


It only makes sense that if you want a set of adjustable sights to last the life of your 1911 Auto, why not manufacture them using the same materials and techniques that are used to produce some of the world's finest firearms? The result is a smooth precision 3/16" @ 25 yds. click adjustment sight that locks in your windage and elevation adjustments and won't shoot loose. As an added bonus, our unique mounting design results in a clean, sharp-looking installation which requires simple cuts and no dovetails. When compared to the soft metals and cheaper brazing processes used to produce other adjustable sights, Wilson sights might seem like overkill. But if your reputation or your life ever depends on your pistol, you'll appreciate the difference.


 Sight Notch Width  .128"
 Sight Notch Depth  .090"
 Sight Blade Height  .450"
 Sight Blade Width  .760"

 #428 Installation Instructions


428 Sight Cut Schematic

Click here if you need help determining the correct sight height for your gun.

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This is Truly One Sight to Behold
This is the finest adjustable rear sight youll ever come across. This sight is as solid as a Patton tank and the adjustments are crystal clear and positive. Because this sight is so tough and so well made, it offers a degree of versatility unmatched by anything else. One of my Wilsons is set up for bullseye shooting, which is the most difficult and challenging of all the shooting disciplines, and this is the rear sight I opted for. Bullseye is pure marksmanship and your pistols sights are absolutely critical. Whats great about a sight of this caliber is that you can use it for literally any application whether it be serious target/competition, hunting, general plinking, self-defense and law enforcement and it will perform brilliantly. You can easily adjust this sight to compensate for an incredible variety of bullet weights and loads and then return it back to your original zero with flawless precision. Few things in life are truly one-size-fits-all, but this sight is one of them. Theres just no substitute for the real thing: Wilson Combat.