Interface,14.5", Stainless, Quell Suppressor

Item Number: SP-KMB14.5
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Detailed Description


K-Mount Muzzle Device


The QUELL “K-Mount” muzzle interface is easily user-installed without shimming or indexing-the only tool needed for installation is a commonly available 7/8”, 12-point socket wrench. With the suppressor removed, the black nitride finished “K-Mount” will reduce muzzle flash comparable to an M16A1 flash hider.

The K-Mount Interface is for use with the Wilson Combat Quell Suppressor and is available in these thread pitches.

  • 1/2" x 28 Thread (.223 Caliber)
  • 5/8" x 24 Thread (6.8 SPC / .30 Caliber)
  • 11/16”-24 Thread (.458 SOCOM)
  • Black nitride finished
  • Install using 7/8”, 12-point socket wrench

K-Mount Muzzle Device Installation

With your rifle unloaded and its barrel supported from twisting in a vise or with an installation tool, install the appropriate K-Mount with finger pressure only to make sure it will smoothly thread on.  If the K-Mount screws on smoothly by hand, you can now install to 20 foot-pounds MAX using a 7/8" 12-point socket attachment on a calibrated torque wrench inserted in the muzzle end.  For a semi-permanent installation that is also heat-resistant, apply Rocksett on the barrel threads prior to installation.