Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set, 7.62x40 WT

Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set, 7.62x40 WT
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This die set includes Custom Grade New Dimension (CGND) Full Length Sizer and a CGND Seating Die. The Full Length Die now features a Zip Spindle with a series of light threads cut on the spindle and spindle collet to eliminate slippage and make it easier to tighten the spindle lock when making adjustments. Improve bullet seating and accuracy with the CGND Seating Die that applies a roll crimp. Comes packaged in a plastic storage box with two Sure-Loc rings. Shellholder is sold separately.

  • Sizing die features precision-polished elliptical expander to reduce friction and case-neck stretch.
  • Seating die features seater adjustment screw, built-in crimper, locking retainer spring, as well as, a floating bullet seater alignment sleeve and seating stem, which prealigns the bullet and case before seating occurs.

    7.62x40 WT Barnes Load Data  NOTE:
    All loads are within the SAAMI maximum of 55,000 of the 5.56 NATO


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    Hornady 7.62x40wt dies
    Quality dies that peform great. Resizing 223 brass is a snap with these dies. After initial rough trim its one step to size, then quick final trim. Crimping can be a little touchy but once dialed in it stays put..
    Hornady Dies 7.62x40 WT
    Very impressive piece of craftsmanship. I shortened my once fired .223 case using my 36 inch belt sander. Each case takes a few seconds, leaving a little of the neck. Then trimmed to final length. The quality of these dies is apparent the second you open the box. Forming the trimmed cases to this caliber is quick and they look factory. No wrinkles, no errors. thanks.
    7.62x40 WT dies
    I just got my Hornady dies from Wilson and cut down around 100pc of 223 brass and resized them, it was easier than some pistol cartriges that i load. Very impressed! The longest part of it is cutting down the 223 brass which isnt bad with a power trimmer.
    Hornady 7.62X40 dies
    Excellent dies and worth the money.I primarily use Hornady dies and presses, great products. I was amazed as to how easy it was to re-size the 223 case with these dies. The first run that I sized was around three hundred cases and only 2 cases split at the neck. Seating with Hornady dies is a breeze. Cant go wrong with these.

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