Hammer Spring, Reduced Power, Stainless Alloy, Full-Size, 21 Lb.

Hammer Spring, Reduced Power, Stainless Alloy, Full-Size, 21 Lb.
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Recommended Use: Full-Size Frame (Government / Commander / Professional) 1911s in .45 ACP shooting full charge ammunition. 

NOTE: This is the hammer spring we install in our full-size .45 ACP pistols.

CAUTION: The mainspring and other springs are under tension and eye protection should be worn for disassembly. We highly recommend our video #396 which demonstrates the proper procedure for replacement of springs. Failure to follow proper procedure could lead to bodily injury or damage to your firearm.

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Easy Install for Significant Improvement 10/16/2017
Installed in a Springfield Loaded 1911 which after several hundred rounds was still so stiff it was difficult to pull the slide back with the hammer down. Installed this spring which made pulling the slide rearward easy to do, but also provides sufficient force to fire 230 grain .45 ACP and cycle without issue. No different in felt recoil, but MUCH smoother operation of the slide. Significant improvement over the factory far too stiff spring.
- Matt Johnston, CA