Hammer Spring, Reduced Power, Full-Size, 19 Lb.

Hammer Spring, Reduced Power, Full-Size, 19 Lb.
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Recommended Use: Full-Size Frame (Government / Commander / Professional) 1911s in 9mm / .38 Super or .45 ACP shooting light target loads.

NOTE: This is the hammer spring we install in our full-size 9mm / .38 Super pistols.

Cautions and Installation Test Procedure


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Another great spring
I installed this on in my Colt Competition .45 and it made a big difference in cocking and helped some with the trigger pull. Can't beat Wilson's parts or prices.
great part in my ria 1911.
I have replaced every internal part in my ria 1911 with Wilson combat pieces. this hammer spring is great. the hammer is a lot easier to pull back now.
This spring is NOT an option! MUST HAVE ITEM!
This should be the standard hammer spring on a 1911 pistol. My RUGER SR1911 hammer was like pulling teeth to cock! Install this spring and problem solved! watch the video and follow the instructions! Springs under considerable pressure.
Works Perfect
Should have installed one of these years ago.
smooth operator
I had to cut it to length to use with my TRP Operator. No issues once it was installed. Easier to pull the hammer and slide.
What a Differance a Spring Makes
Replaced the stock spring, cap, and retainer cap in my Springfield Loaded along with a new MSH. WOW! I wish I had done it sooner. So much easier. Great products, thanks.
Excellent upgrade
Replaced the stock part in my springfield commander. Instantly improved the trigger pull.
This will fit in Springfield full size 1911s with the internal lock system
Great easy way to get a lighter trigger pull and makes it easier to charge even with the heavy recoil spring on
Works great.
I replaced all my trigger components in my 80 series S&W with Bullet Proof parts and set the trigger to 3.25 lbs. Factory pull was about 4.75 and had a clean break. I was speechless after I got my gun back from my local gunsmith Clint at Coyote Creek in Rochester MN. These parts are amazing! I had a knowledgeable customer next to me give it a few pulls and he said “Wow, now that’s an amazing trigger. . . WOW”. Spring seems much more solid than my factory one. Great parts!
Will not fit a Springfield with ILS
The newer Springfield 1911s [2001 and later] use the Integral Locking System [ILS] and these springs wont fit. I placed my order online without talking to the experts, and found out the hard way. Give WC a call first, and theyll hook you up with the right parts the first time.