Hammer Spring, Reduced Power, Full-Size, 19 Lb.

Hammer Spring, Reduced Power, Full-Size, 19 Lb.
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Recommended Use: Full-Size Frame (Government / Commander / Professional) 1911s in 9mm / .38 Super or .45 ACP shooting light target loads.

NOTE: This is the hammer spring we install in our full-size 9mm / .38 Super pistols.

Cautions and Installation Test Procedure


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great part in my ria 1911. 1/7/2015
I have replaced every internal part in my ria 1911 with Wilson combat pieces. this hammer spring is great. the hammer is a lot easier to pull back now.
- derek, KY
This spring is NOT an option! MUST HAVE ITEM! 1/12/2014
This should be the standard hammer spring on a 1911 pistol. My RUGER SR1911 hammer was like pulling teeth to cock! Install this spring and problem solved! watch the video and follow the instructions! Springs under considerable pressure.
- Michael Lynch, AR
Works Perfect 1/2/2014
Should have installed one of these years ago.
- Jerry, FL
smooth operator 8/4/2013
I had to cut it to length to use with my TRP Operator. No issues once it was installed. Easier to pull the hammer and slide.
What a Differance a Spring Makes 6/6/2013
Replaced the stock spring, cap, and retainer cap in my Springfield Loaded along with a new MSH. WOW! I wish I had done it sooner. So much easier. Great products, thanks.
- Randy, NC
Excellent upgrade 4/11/2013
Replaced the stock part in my springfield commander. Instantly improved the trigger pull.
- Matt, FL
awesome 10/10/2012
This will fit in Springfield full size 1911s with the internal lock system
awesome 9/6/2012
Great easy way to get a lighter trigger pull and makes it easier to charge even with the heavy recoil spring on
Johnathan Williams
Works great. 3/7/2012
I replaced all my trigger components in my 80 series S&W with Bullet Proof parts and set the trigger to 3.25 lbs. Factory pull was about 4.75 and had a clean break. I was speechless after I got my gun back from my local gunsmith Clint at Coyote Creek in Rochester MN. These parts are amazing! I had a knowledgeable customer next to me give it a few pulls and he said “Wow, now that’s an amazing trigger. . . WOW”. Spring seems much more solid than my factory one. Great parts!
- Joe LaBrec, MN
Will not fit a Springfield with ILS 8/16/2011
The newer Springfield 1911s [2001 and later] use the Integral Locking System [ILS] and these springs wont fit. I placed my order online without talking to the experts, and found out the hard way. Give WC a call first, and theyll hook you up with the right parts the first time.
- Lou Casale, KY