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The ultimate IWB holster has finally arrived-the UCP or Undercover Professional has all the best features of our SoCo model with removable, snap belt loops and a reinforced non-collapsing top band. This holster, designed for comfort without any loss in speed of gun presentation, may change your mind about IWB carry-even with a full-size service pistol. These high-quality holsters are handcrafted in small batches by brothers Eric and Matt Humphries at Palmetto Leather Works in West Columbia, SC.

The UCP is one of the most comfortable and stable inside the waistband holsters ever designed. The dual-wing pancake IWB design is thinner than traditional fold-over style holsters and helps stabilize a full-size firearm as the wings mold to your body during use.  The removable, double reinforced 1.5” belt loop is extremely rugged, low profile and is replaceable with loops of other colors or exotic materials.

A reinforced rear sweat guard really ensures that your clothing and skin are safe from the abrasion of the gun and makes reholstering easy under stress. It also covers your 1911 thumb safety from accidentally bumping it off safe during carry.

Hand-dyed, hand-molded and precisely stitched one at a time from top quality premium, domestic cowhide, and different exotic trims to match your firearm, the UCP is among the best IWB holsters ever designed.

  • Designed to Comfortably Handle the Weight of a Full-Size handgun
  • User Removable snap loops can be changed to color match your attire.
  • Impeccably Handcrafted of High-Grade Cowhide
  • Slight Rear Rake to Enhance Draw and Reholstering
  • Detailed Hand Molding and Boning for Ideal Weapon Retention
  • Reinforced Sweat Guard Protects Your Pistol from Corrosive Sweat and Moisture
  • Pancake Profile Ensures Comfort and Stability
  • Wilson Combat logo identifies this as a Wilson Combat limited production collaboration


Fits the Following Handguns

  • Full-Size 1911 - 5" Barrel

About the craftsmen: Palmetto Leather Works was started by Eric Humphries in 2014, the craftsmen here have decades of combined experience in the high-end leather goods business.  As seasoned shooters, they understand quality and design that only a handful of custom makers possess. Learn more at www.palmettoleather.com

*Note-hand molded leather holsters are often tight when new and usually require some break-in prior to use.  We recommend letting the gun sit holstered with a heavy plastic freezer bag or wax paper around it. Sitting holstered overnight will usually reduce tension.

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Blown Away
I am really impressed with this holster. I have been carrying full size 1911's for 7 years. I have used every top brand out there. I did not know they could be truly comfortable, until trying this one on. I bought a X-Tac Supergrade, so felt it only right to get a WC holster. Best decision I ever made, just wish I would have done it sooner!
Deserves the name Undercover Professional
This holster hugs the 1911 pistol tight to your side. When wearing a business coat and tie, it is barely noticeable at the 3-4 O'clock position. Outside the waist band holsters leaves a large bulge even when you are standing up, and it shows a large imprint on your business jacket when you bend down. Not this IWB holster. It is made of good quality leather and stitching. Like most molded leather holsters, it is tight during the break-in period. I wiped the pistol with silicon cloth and left it in the holster for 48-72 hours, then inserted and pulled the pistol several times to break-in the tightness. Even after break-in, the pistol retention is excellent. The "wings" are hard at the beginning. After wearing the holster for a few days, you will be able to shape them using your hands to conform the contours to your body. Highly recommend for 1911 concealed carry. I am a retired military intelligence professional.