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With Precision Holsters passion for innovative design, together we bring you the Wilson Combat Ultra Appendix Holster Signature Series with our Exclusive Basket Weave Pattern and Wilson Combat Medallion.   With the multiple angles found in the Negative Angle Platform TM, they were able to tuck the grip of the firearm closer to the body for a high level of concealment.  This platform allows them to maintain a minimalist design which adds in the overall comfort for the appendix carry position. The angled thigh pad on the back side has contoured edges and a thigh relief cut these features eliminates pressure points commonly found in appendix holsters.   

Comfort, Concealment, Quality and above all Functional the Ultra Appendix is packed with cutting edge features not traditional found in Kydex Holsters.

What to expect?

  • Negative Angle Platform TM; this platform found on the front of the holster adds a tucking pressure to pull the butt of the gun towards the body, which aids in the level of concealment value.
  • Two-belt clip system provides stability while building your grip and assists in weapon retention.
  • Front overhang ledge for one handed charging of firearm.
  • 4 points of adjustable retention.
  • Angled thigh pad on back with rounded edges to provide comfort.
  • Thigh relief cut on non-light baring models for additional appendix carry comfort.
  • Proper ride height to allow for a full grip purchase of the firearm.
  • Fits Both Railed & Non-Railed EDC X9S
  • Cut, Sewn and Assembled in the U.S.A.


NOTE-Kydex and other polymers are excellent materials for a fast and secure holster but any molded or formed polymer holster will cause damage/wear to any firearms finish due to friction from molding, abrasive grit from the holster making process or dust and grit embedded in the holster from range use. Over time, grit embeds in the soft polymer and will cause deep scratches if your holsters are not kept clean. A silicone rag is good for this purpose.  

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Good Holster SoSo Comfort
I have been carrying a gun for someone for over thirty years. I have enough gear to fill two nice size suitcases. Always on the search for the perfect holster I have tried just about everything. I took me a while to come around to Kydex from my old neanderthal leather days but now that I have I am a huge fan of Kydex. This holster is very well made and fits the SFX9 like a glove. I typically carry in the 3-4 position. I do not and will not carry appendix style, it's just not for me. Those of you that do, God's Speed...! This holster uses that huge speed bump(build up of plastic) inside the holster to pull the firearm closer to you to keep from printing. While this may work I find it highly unnecessary and extremely uncomfortable. That speed bump hits right on your hip bone when you carry at the 3 or 4 position. And yes I wear a 36 size pant and my waist is a 34 or 35. While it may not bother the appendix folks it kills me. I have had other holsters that use this method and I have returned them or tossed them in the pile. I will probably end up keeping this because i truly LOVE the gun fit, the finish and the ability to keep the gun secure in your waistline. I will probably use this for quick trips to the store as it is easy on and off. A good non flexible belt is a must when wearing holsters like this with these plastic clips. Metal clips are much better for securing your weapon to your pants. They also will not break like I have had plastic ones to. Hope this helps, everyone please stay safe.
Perfect for my EDC X9S
I prefer appendix carry, but I've had trouble finding a comfortable and low profile holster for my EDC X9S. This one is superlative. It's very comfortable, with no digging into my thigh, it has two belt clips that hold it in place very securely and keep the gun maintained in a perfect draw position, and the retention is spot on. I haven't tried it, but I don't see why you couldn't also use it as a more standard IWB at the 3:00 position
Perfect fit and priced just right...
With Kydex holsters dominating the market and many priced over the $100 mark, it’s great to see Wilson partner up with Precision to bring us such a quality item at a more than fair price. The holster itself is a perfect fit for the X9S with a very positive and audible retention click. It wears extremely comfortable and the Wilson medallion is a nice touch. Would be hard pressed to find a better quality holster for the price.