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Detailed Description

  • Paddle Backpiece Allows Quick And Easy Attachment Or Removal Of The Holster
  • If You Quickly Need Your Holster, Simply Slide The Body Contouring Paddle Into Your Waistband Until The Retaining Clip Snaps Over Your Belt
  • Thermolaminate - Impervious To Moisture
  • Wide Sight Channel Prevents Your Front Sight From Touching The Holster
  • Rear Sight And Thumb Safety Are Protected By Rigid Guards That Run Up Both Sides And To The Rear Of The Slide
  • Very Fast Holster With An Adjustable Tension Screw
  • Front Cut ¼" Below The Ejection Port To Clear Leather Well Below The Top Of The Belt
  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

The Tiger Shark® is designed with maximum convenience in mind, while providing much greater stability than what you'd find in most other paddle holsters. The Tiger Shark® isn't quite as concealable as the Lo-Profile®, but it does rival it as one of our most comfortable designs. The paddle design offers many advantages for the person who finds himself/herself taking the holster on and off several times a day.

If you quickly need your holster, simply slide the body contouring paddle into your waistband until the retaining clip snaps over your belt (up to 1 1/2"), then you're ready to go.

Conventional leather holster construction cannot meet the challenge of a properly designed paddle holster. The Tiger Shark® is constructed using the thermolaminate process which laminates a stiff piece of thermoplastic between a suede lining and premium cowhide or sharkskin exterior. A holster manufactured by this process will always retain its shape and allow the front to be cut lower without sacrificing retention. Thermolaminate holsters are also impervious to moisture.

The front of the Tiger Shark® has a wide sight channel preventing your front sight from touching the holster. The rear sight and thumb safety are protected by rigid guards that run up both sides and to the rear of the slide. The Tiger Shark® is a very fast holster with an adjustable tension screw and the front cut 1/4" below the ejection port, to clear leather well below the top of the belt. Meets I.D.P.A. holster criteria.

Fits The Following Handguns

  • Compact 1911 - 4" Barrel
  • Commander 1911 - 4 ¼" Barrel

*Note-hand molded leather holsters are often tight when new and usually require some break-in prior to use.  We recommend letting the gun sit holstered with a heavy plastic freezer bag or wax paper around it. Sitting holstered overnight will usually reduce tension.