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After working on thousands of Beretta® 90 series handguns, our gunsmiths and engineers have developed an improved hammer design that reduces the trigger take up, improves the overall single and double action trigger pull and enhances primer ignition with lighter hammer springs.

The Wilson Combat® Deluxe Hammer for the Beretta® 90 Series is precision machined from A2 tool steel and will hold up to high round count shooters looking for superior shooting performance.  This hammer is a drop in fit for all Beretta® 92/96 models and variants.

The improved hammer and hook geometry will give your Beretta® 90 series a cleaner, more precise trigger pull but will also reduce your trigger take-up before your hammer drops.  The extra mass of this hammer will further improve ignition with reduced power hammer springs.  Black Armor-Tuff® finish will closely match factory Beretta®black finish.

For the ultimate Beretta® 90 Series action/trigger tune use this hammer in combination with our Ultimate Action Tune Kit.


  • Minor polishing of contact surfaces may be required depending on your individual gun.
  • Precision Machined from A2 tool steel
  • Black Armor-Tuff® coating
  • Improve trigger pull with a drop in part
  • Reduced trigger pre-travel
  • Extra mass improves ignition with reduced power hammer springs

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Excellent Value!
I placed my order on Sunday. Received my parts Wednesday morning via UPS.Wilson Combat is the best; and I truly mean that. The hammer: 5 minute install. Very crisp, 5 pounds single action, right on the button. Get one. Right now. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.
Works great!
Drop-in install. Totally eliminated pretravel on my 92A1. Greatly reduced overtravel too. Going to buy it for all 5 of my Berettas.
Installed on my M9A3 awesome improvement!
Very satisfied with the quality of this Deluxe Hammer.
Drop In for Instant Smoothness
Dropped right into an Italian made 92fs and gave instant improvement in the trigger pull. I didnt notice reduced up take on the trigger, but the pull is much smoother now. Overall travel to the break feels about the same, but the little bit of friction that was in the factory trigger is totally gone. Combined this with a Wilson short trigger and hammer spring. 10 minute install, max.
Deluxe hammer
Excellent hammer, crisp clean let off, bought to aid the lighter trigger spring and prevent light primer strikes. Fit and finish is great you wont be disappointed.
Drops in and works great
The hammer dropped right in as advertised. I noticed that it has crisper feeling trigger pull and a crisper trigger reset. I polished the bearing surfaces and it got even better. Very pleased with the overall part cosmetics and quality.