Guide Rod, Full-Length, Reverse Plug, Full-Size

Guide Rod, Full-Length, Reverse Plug, Full-Size
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The Guide Rod & Reverse Plug are designed to be used with heavy taper cone barrels where the barrel bushing has been eliminated. For quick field stripping, the guide rod has been drilled and a staking pin is provided for pinning back the plug.

Minor slide modification required for installation.


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With this rod as your guide, you cant lose!
Creedence legend John Fogerty wrote a song called Hot Rod Heart. Well, with this rod as the heart of your 1911, you wont miss a beat no matter what the tempo. The legends at Wilson Combat put one of these into my Supergrade and I love it. Even though 1911 disassembly and assembly is easy and quick, this rod makes it even faster. Extreme quality and performance is what WC is all about.
May This Rod be Your Guide
If you are going to order a Wilson 1911 with a heavy, bushingless barrel, this is absolutely the guide rod and plug to go with. One of these came on my Supergrade and I love it. Disassembly and reassembly is very fast and efficient. Its a great combo.