Group Gripper Kit, Government

Group Gripper Kit, Government
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Improve the accuracy of your 1911's stock barrel by adding a Dwyer "Group Gripper"™. The "Group Gripper"™ is a modified recoil spring guide and barrel link that uses heavy spring tension to force the rear of the barrel up into the locking lugs in the slide. The result is your pistol goes into battery exactly the same time, squeezing the utmost accuracy from your stock barrel. Combined with a #29 target bushing for a simple and inexpensive accuracy job.

Minor parts fitting may be required.

NOTE: We Recommend using our #22 or #22P Barrel Bushing Wrench with this product.

Group Gripper instructions

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Group gripper
I have an original GG from Dan himself who had a machine shop in San Diego CA. He installed it back in 1960 in one of my Govt Colt 1911s. It worked great then and remains so today....
Great product
Ive had my Group Gripper for several years. It was simple to install in in my, otherwise stock, series 70 Colt and it has functioned perfectly since. I use it with the shock buffer and it definitely tightened the groups. Outstanding!
great product
Dropped right in. Locks the barrel in the same place every time. Does improve accuracy.