Grip Module, WCP320, X-Compact, No Manual Safety, Black

Grip Module, WCP320, X-Compact, No Manual Safety, Black
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The impressive modular capability of the SIG-SAUER P320 is why it has become a favorite with practical shooters and it’s thoroughly tested design will be the official US Military sidearm for many years to come.

Wilson Combat has now reengineered the P320 grip frame to optimize its practical shooting potential.  This all new molded polymer grip module will enhance your grip and improve recoil control.  Our significant improvements in shape, texture and overall ergonomics will give your P320 the superb feel of an expertly hand sculpted custom gun with a simple grip change.

Our fresh look at the P320 grip module incorporates the suggestions of tactical trainers, champion shooters and firearms experts into the final product that has a look that is unmistakably “Wilson”.  We believe it is the most practical, comfortable and stylish P320 grip available and the ideal choice for practical shooting or defensive handgun use.

Compatible with X-Compact slide and 15rd Compact magazine.

These are non-serialized, newly manufactured grip modules and are not a serial numbered firearm.


The Wilson Combat SIG-SAUER P320 Polymer Grip Module features:

  • Caliber Availability - 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG
  • Upgraded, high-cut 1911-style beavertail grip tang for smooth draws
  • Undercut front-strap and reshaped, radiused trigger guard for the highest grip possible
  • Enlarged, integrated magwell opening for fast reloads-compatible with the latest generation SIG-SAUER X-series factory basepads
  • Improved grip traction and increased grip pattern coverage with Wilson Combat’s exclusive Starburst grip pattern on the sides and aggressive texturing on the front and backstrap
  • Frame reference serrations for support hand thumb or index finger positioning
  • Internal Slots for Rod-style Tungsten Weights** (Click Here for Tungsten Weight Kit)
  • Angled "Holster Cuts" on light rail to aid in snag-free, reholstering
  • Factory SIG-SAUER magazine release pre-installed
  • Compatible with all standard holsters


 **Not compatible with X-Five Tungsten Weight
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P320 Grip Removal/Replacement:

  • Unload and clear your pistol.
  • Remove the slide assembly and set aside.
  • Remove the takedown lever out of the factory grip from right to left and set aside. You may need to twist/tap the takedown lever out with a non-marring tool as it is retained by a spring in the chassis.
  • Lift the chassis straight up and forward out of the stock frame.
  • Reverse the process to install the chassis into the grip frame and re-install the takedown lever.
  • You may need to tap the takedown lever in place with a non-marring tool.
  • Reinstall the slide assembly and move the takedown lever into the locked position.
  • Ensure that your pistol functions properly and your magazine drops cleanly after installation of the new grip frame.


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Fantastic Upgrade 8/4/2020
This is a fantastic upgrade for the standard Sig module. Wilson took time to assess every little change to be made. You will feel the difference immediately. Great “how to” video to install properly. Well done.
- Robert Majnarich, IL
Completely different gun 7/18/2020
I carry/handle my P320 everyday. Both for work and concealed carry. I had the stock X-compact grip with the talon rubber grip. The day the wilson combat grip module arrived, I hadn't touched my P320, I was carrying a different firearm for work. Immediately after opening the package I could notice the difference. After swapping over the FCU and slide, my P320 felt like a completely different gun. The tolerance on the FCU is a little tighter in the wilson combat module. The shape and size of the grip is perfect. Especially around the beaver tail and the undercut. I can actually get my hand up, around, and higher on the gun for better recoil mitigation. The flush fit with the magazine while keeping the internal mag-well is a subtle improvement. The grip texture is also a lot better, even when compared to the talon grip. It isn't too abrasive, but I can definitely feel my hand sticking to it in places it should. The index points above the mag release on the grip are a huge deal as well. Normally my thumb rides against the slide stop, but now I can smoothly put my hand on the grip and run the gun comfortable. Combined with the over-sized slide stop, this is more prominent. From both concealed and open carry, the draw and acquisition of target feels more natural as well and I find myself being on target quicker. I firmly believe this is how the P320 is supposed to feel and shoot. If you're reading this review, stop and just go ahead and buy the grip. I am going to be recommending it to anyone I know with a P320.
- Bird, MO
Absolutely Perfect 7/16/2020
I am not kidding when I say, this is the best upgrade decision I've ever made on any firearm I own - period. The stock grip from sig never felt quite right to me. It's a little boxy and always felt a bit "slippery." This WC grip solved my distain for the sig stock grip from literally every angle. It's VERY reminiscent of a 1911 grip. The rounded and tapered edges fit perfectly in your hand, while your pinky is pampered on the flared magwell. Now you can finally do away with that "half on - half off" pinky situation on the stock sig grip. The grit on the back and front of the grip is extremely aggressive. It bites a bit, but it hurts so good. I personally want that kind of tac on a carry gun. If you're on the fence, buy it. You and your x-compact will thank you.
- Joe, GA