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There probably isn't a pistol that benefits more from a Full Length Guide Rod conversion than the Officers Model. First of all, you receive the typical reliability and accuracy improvements which are inherent with a two piece full length guide rod. Then we replace the failure prone stock plug with a highly reliable reverse plug and a single 24# spring. The result is a drastic improvement in performance that will surely be noticed the first time you fire your pistol.

This kit will work with the *Colt Officers Model or *Para Ordnance P12, however both require a slight modification to the slide for installation (instructions included). The limited space in an Officers Model and P12 pistol causes extreme stress to be exerted on the recoil spring. For this reason, we recommend that SHOK-BUFF® Buffers should not be used in these pistols and the recoil spring should be replaced approximately every 300 rounds.

CAUTION: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when replacing or working with firearm springs. Failure to follow this safety precaution could result in bodily injury.


Installation Instructions for Guide Rod and Reverse Plug #25 Series

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I like it
Fit my frame and slide very well. Spring has some real tension to it and still moves smoothly. It has to sit just right in the shoulder under the chamber to let the barrel link fall into the correct position and has a small grove that centers on the link. I'm going to have to remove a tad more metal from the shroud to allow the plug to lock into the bushing.
Colt 1911 Officers MK IV Series 80 recoil spring guide
My EDC 1911 Officers Model needed a 'tune-up' and when looking for replacement springs for a King's (out of business) full length recoil spring guide (dual springs) with reverse plug, I discovered that the 0.265 inch diameter guide rod was no longer supported. I found this drop in 0.330 inch 2 piece rod/single spring kit here at Wilson Combat and I am more than pleased with it. Since my slide had already been modified for the Kings Guide rod, this kit was a simple drop in. Absolutely perfect fit. The gun runs smoother and no more ejected brass 'flyers'. Is the gun grouping tighter as others claim theirs is? I'm not sure but just going by how much smoother the gun operates ... the answer is probably yes. Need a new Guide rod for your Colt Officers Model? This is the one to get. Wish I could give it 6 stars.
This full length guide rod assembly fits PERFECT!!! You only need to mill the slide apron which is simple if you have a mill! If not any gunsmith or machinist can do it. I saw one review stating the guide rod and plug stick out beyond the barrel. This is not true at all. That person must have milled the slide apron wrong and destroyed their pistol. If you mill to 70 thousands of an inch as recommended, it will fit perfectly flush with the barrel bushing. I milled mine 69 thousands of an inch for a mild recess. I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it above most others on the market! Wilson Combat nailed it with this upgrade!
Guide rod sticking out past barrel
There is a tactical reason to have the guide rod stick out longer than the barrel , it protects the barrel crown from damage , its much cheaper and easier to replace the guide rod than replacing the barrel
This Upgrade makes the Par P12 the pistol it should have been from the factory ,more managable recoil and great folliw up accuracy !! Semper Fi ! USMC 90-97
sticks out past barrel
it seems solid and the spring is definitely very strong, but both the plug and the rod stick out past end of the slide. it looks ridiculous.
A must have
I have been shooting 1911 RECON for years and it has made noticable improvements in the recoil and I have tighter groups ever since I installed it.

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