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The Two-Piece Full-Length Guide Rod will make your full size 1911 operate and cycle smoother and replaces your stock recoil spring guide without pistol modification.

  • Extends Recoil Spring Life
  • Improves Cycling and Overall Operation
  • Extends Life of Slide to Frame Fit
  • Can Improve Barrel to Slide Fit and Accuracy on Older Military 1911s
  • Many shooters prefer a Two-Piece Guide Rod for its ease of disassembly and reassembly
  • Fits full size, bushing barrel 1911 handguns
  • Once you remove the front half of the rod with the provided allen wrench, disassembly is identical to that of stock components.


NOTE: We recommend using our #22 or #22P Barrel Bushing Wrench with this product.

Package Includes: Two-Piece Guide Rod, Plug, 3/16" Allen Wrench 

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a must have if you buy the comp.
I ordered the kit as the title states..for the compensator i purchased for my 1911. I am a new 1911 owner and i love wilson combat! there items are great. the guide rod install was a piece of cake! will order from again for all my 1911 needs.
With This Rod as Your Guide, You Wont go Wrong!
The quality of this two-piece guide rod is extreme. Its simple and quick to install and remove, works beautifully with Wilson Shok-Buffs, and will extend the service life of your recoil spring. Highly recommended.
A nice upgrade
This was a purchase item along with a muzzle brake for a Para Expert, installed in minutes, and while its not a must have item for compensator install, it sure does look cool.
guide rod
this two piece guide rod is great and was alot easier to install than i thought it was going to be awesome job wilson combat love your products
Instance fix for Para Ordnance problems
This guide rod along with new Wilson 15 lb. spring fixed my feeding problem I was having with my Para Ordnance PRX1445CB which you can find on many 1911 forums with the same problem. Wilson Combat should contact Para Ordnance to help them with this issue.
2 piece guide rod
Wow, I was having an issue with installing this piece and John May emailed me within a day or two and invited me to call him, which I just did. He helped with my process or order of installation of the parts and Voilla! I was good to go in a matter of seconds. I just had my technique wrong. This says a LOT about the quality of Wilson parts and more so, the company. I will continue to buy and use Wilson parts for all my guns. Quality parts at a reasonable price, delivered quickly...WINNING! I just cant say enough good things. Thank you John May, you deserve a raise! Next on my list a bulletproof beaver tail safety and hammer!
Highest Quality Parts Ive Used
Two years ago I used another well known brand in one of my 1911s. I was very disapointed in the quality, and there was no wrench with it. I recently used a Wilson guide rod in another. The quality was so perfect. From now on I will use use Wilson parts exclusively.
Great product
This guide rod took a stock 1911 that was sighted in from the factory and it was shooting a little to the left because the back sight was drifted one way and it helped it fire dead center everytime. I installed it took 2 minutes drifted the sight back to dead center and it was perfect. I recommend buying the bushing wrench as well.