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The One Piece Full Length Guide Rod replaces your stock recoil guide without pistol modification. Assembly and disassembly are the same as with stock components (however a bushing wrench is required). Some shooters are in the habit of moving the slide back slightly to remove the barrel bushing, this is not possible with a one piece guide rod. Note: We Recommend using our #22 or #22P Barrel Bushing Wrench with this product.

CAUTION: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when replacing or working with firearm springs. Failure to follow this safety precaution could result in bodily injury.

Due to varying recoil spring tunnel lengths on some brands of pistols ensure that your firearm is compatible with parts built for a 4.25" barrel Commander style handguns. 

Guns with short recoil tunnels and full length rails like the STI 4.1 series are not compatible with Commander recoil system parts.


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1911 commander
Nice upgrade,drop in part improved my pistol, full length guide rod replacement took 5 minutes,I recommend very highly.wilson combat is the only parts house I use... Rick
Sig Sauer Nitron
Purchased this full length guide rod with WC spring kit. What a difference it has made. The slide is so smooth now. It completely changed how the pistol shoots, for the better. Would highly recommend this to anyone with a 1911.
I bought this for my Springfield Ronin LW for no other reason then I wanted to run a full length guide rod on the 9mm. Simple installation & no fitting required.
Manditory upgrade for Sig C3
I shower in Sig kool-aid every morning. And its hard to find fault with just about anything they make. However, a buddy commented that my C3 Talo 1911 was gritty racking the slide, once he pointed it out, it was like nails on a chalkboard to me. With minimal diagnosis, I figured out it was the flat recoil spring binding and popping past the tip of the short GI style guide rod. Knowing the quality of WC, I ordered this one piece guide rod, and spring kit 316C and installed them. The change is monumental. No subtlety involved, its an entirely different, buttery smooth, experience to rack the slide. For $30 I cannot imagine why anyone wouldnt make this upgrade to their SIG C3. NOTE - for other SIG C3 owners, if you order spring kit 316C, also order Main Spring P745CS-18, as our officer size grip is too small for the main spring in the kit.
Required fitting I had to file roughly 1/16 off guide rod and end cap to get clearance for barrel bushing to clear on my ATI fx gi commander 4.25 but once fitted Excellent function and appearance, matched with Wilson Combat 20# commander length recoil spring
perfect fit
I got this for a river sr-1911 commander. Perfect fit. Drop and go. I have never been a fan of short, stubby, or two piece rods. This fits like a glove.
Better Than New
I cant believe my SW Gunsite PD didnt come with one of these. With the new #20 spring, its better than new! Thanks WC
Commander 25c
Put in a Para P13 2005 pxt. This gun is horrible. Until put this part in, plus other Wilson combat products like: stop plate, slide release, crome firing pin and all the small springs. And now it works great! I am so happy and Thank you Wilson combat for making great products! But on this 25C, I did had to dremel the sides a bit; not by much but just a bit for it to fit. Not all 1911 are the same but great product.
Installed this on my para elite commander and ruger sr1911 commander. Installed them with the #20 commander recoil spring. No fitting needed. Both guns cycle flawlessly. Thanks W/C
took some work but great product
Picked this up with a recoil spring to throw on my ATI had to file down the plug and rod quite a bit to get the bushing to clear id say about a 1/16-1/8 inch but works great. It adds a lil more heft than you would think
25C A+
Installation and fit on my Colt Combat Commander was spot on. Zero cycle or feed issues. Buy with confidence.
Flgr did the job for me.
I bought a flgr for my SW 1911 ES, installed in know time, works great! Fixed a problem with feeding one type of ammo i used. Now thanks to Wilson Combat my gun is perfect. Great job guys.
Little modification needed for and ATI Commader
Great quality item. very solid feel to it. No more spring crunching sound anymore, as I would describe it. Had to file down the rod and cap alittle to get it to fit on a ATI Commader, not the products fault.
Works but required fitting
I had to file down my guide rod cap in order for the barrel and bushing to have clearance on my ATI commander. Guide rod works great and looks nice too. 4 out of 5 because I had to have some work done on the cap in order to fit the part.
Keep things straight
Some like the FLGR and some do not. I am a big fan of them for keeping your recoil springs from getting kinked up. I just received my FLGR for my Commander and installed it in 5 minutes. It is a perfect fit. W/C is first rate.
Perfect fit, flawless function.
I recently purchased this guide rod kit for my Sig 1911 RCS. it arrived super fast and was well packaged. Installlation was a snap with the bushing wrench. It fit perfectly once I corrected a burr in my spring. The function test was flawless with hot loads and with some light hand loads. No cons that I could find, and it really did smooth out the overall function of the firearm.